December 7, 1968

BURY'S suburbs could be left with a shocking lack of doctors district chemists have warned.

The warning follows an announcement that Bury family doctors are planning to launch another large group practice in the town centre, near to the new shopping centre.

However, the plan has come under fire from the town's chemists who claim the move will leave many outlying areas without on-the-spot doctors services, and also force some small chemists out of business.

They have also labelled the as "not in the public interest" as they fear some patients will face a long trip to see their doctors.

Further, they say, many people rely on chemists for services other than dispensing prescriptions, and closing them would deprive the public of an over-the-counter service and contact for advice about minor complaints which many small chemists now give.

A LORRY drive made a lucky escape when his vehicle plunged more than 30 feet into an empty mill lodge on Monday morning.

Mr William Slevin, aged 30, was driving the lorry to the Hollins Vale glue works when the accident happened.

As he turned on to the works track the lorry left the road, crashing through fencing, and fell down embankment landing on its side at the bottom.

Mr George Taylor, landlord of the Roach Bank Hotel, across the road, rushed over to make a rescue bid by smashing the windscreen and dragging the driver out with help from workmen.

An ambulance was then called and Mr Slevin was taken to Bury General Hospital for observation.

He was later able to go home.

WORK is to soon start on the final section of the Lancashire-Yorkshire motorway (M62) between the A56 at Whitefield and the A672, east of the county border in the Pennines.

A tender of £12,413,320 has been accepted by the Ministry of Transport and the 13.2 mile stretch is expected to take about two years to complete.

The scheme will require the construction of 17 bridges, to join the 23 already underway, and will boast dual 36 feet-wide three-lane carriageways, with a 13 feet-wide central reservation.

It is anticipated that the motorway in the Whitefield-Prestwich area will eventually be widened to a four lane dual carriageway.