A SHEEP that miraculously survived a vicious dog attack has given birth to lambs.

Dorothy the sheep was one of five sheep badly injured during the incident at Paddock Leach Farm, in Ainsworth, in January.

One of the sheep had to be put down after the attack and Dorothy needed dozens of stitches in her back to heal a large bite wound.

Vets believed she might not survive, but less than a year on she’s had triplets.

Her owner Stuart Alderson, of Paddock Leach Farm in Ainsworth, described it as a “Christmas miracle”.

He said: “It’s really good news, it’s a Christmas miracle.

“Even the vets are surprised and happy.

“The lambs are thriving, they’re going really well.

“As for Dorothy, she’s still badly scarred and the wool won’t grow back over the scars but other than that she’s fine”.

Dorothy’s flock has also been named as the ‘Champion Flock’ by the Northern Dorset Breeders Club, which judges flocks from mid-Wales to central Scotland.

Of the achievement, Mr Alderson added: “We’re really proud and Dorothy in no small way has helped us.”