FORMER Brain of Bolton Anne Hegerty has left the I’m a Celebrity jungle.

She exited the camp on Wednesday after losing the vote but was not downhearted.

When she learned that fellow celebrity John Barrowman had been saved instead of her, 60-year-old Anne said "Yes! Isn't that brilliant?!"

She is best known as one of the stars of ITV quiz show The Chase, but locally she is a familiar face on the Bolton quiz circuit as a member of the Bob's Smithy team who play on Monday evenings in the Bolton Premier Quiz League.

She has won the league's Brain of Bolton competition three times, in 2012, 2013 and 2015.

In her eviction interview, Anne reflected on her weeks in the jungle.

"I thought I’d be all sort of strong, and I’d overcome my fears, and I was like, nope, nope, nope. Not critters. Any invertebrate that wiggles no, no, no. I’m so out of here. Okay, I’ve had mealworms in my bra, not ever doing that again thank you. It was awful at the beginning. It was funny doing the swim across the lake, and then we were just walking and walking, going further down.

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"I was like, we’re walking down into hell. Then we got to Snake Rock, and I just sort of couldn’t process it. It was like the reality sort of hit me, and I was like, ‘What have I done? I can’t remotely do this? What was I thinking?’ I went into the BT the next morning and said, 'I quit!' They said, ‘Okay, give it a few hours. Let’s have a conversation about this’.”

She revealed that it was her fellow celebrities who helped her persevere, saying: “I could not remotely have done it without 10 fantastic other people. It was all down to them. It was all about them. They are so, so kind.”

Anne, who lives in Manchester, also expressed delight at learning she'd inspired people by discussing her autism.