CHRISTMAS has come early for the family of a disabled man faced with a huge bill to repair a specialist bath.

Kindhearted company,Gainsborough Healthcare Group has stepped in and repaired the bath free of charge.

Nathan Booth, 21, of Oakwood Drive, who has had cerebral palsy from birth, needed an Aquanova (Gemini) bath with a special platform to enable him to safely get in and out of it.

The bath sprang a leak last November.

His mum Catherine, who cares for him full time, was told that the bath, which cost £5,000 ten years ago, could not be repaired by the maker.

She said: “The bath is so important for his quality of life and he is very prone to falls or trips.”

It would have cost at least £5,000 to replace the bath so Mrs Booth paid for an independent repairer.

However, the work was not successful and so through the Bolton News, a desperate Mrs Booth appealed for someone who could fix the leak properly.

When Gainsborough Healthcare Group heard of the family’s plight it was only to happy to help and arranged for the bath to be repaired.

The company did not charge for the actual repair work, just the £90 call-out fee.

“It’s such a relief,” said Mrs Booth. “I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I’m really happy and so is my son.”

She also thanked the many Bolton News readers who also contacted her offering help.

“I really am very grateful for all the kindness and generosity that has been shown.”