AN INQUEST has opened into a Farnworth man found dead after falling on an electric heater.

Bolton Coroners Court heard Stephen Redford, aged 57, was found unresponsive on 22 November.

His brother-in-law had alerted police to check the residence on Water's Edge in Farnworth, fearing for his welfare.

He was discovered by police to have fallen on an electric heater, following a medical episode.

Mr Redford's brother-in-law, Mr Peary, came to identify the body shortly after.

Area coroner Alan Walsh stated that a post mortem was carried out at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

It found that he was left with fractured ribs and burns from the fall.

The area coroner was told that Mr Redford succumbed to the injuries he incurred.

The post mortem also found evidence that Mr Redford had alcoholic liver disease.

His body has been released by the area coroner.

Mr Redford was born on 23 June 1961 in Salford.

He was a retired college lecturer.

The area coroner requested information on whether the fire service were involved in his discovery.

The inquest has been adjourned awaiting statements.

It will continue on 20 March 2019 at 10am in Bolton Coroners Court.