A BLACKBURN author has published the first of a trilogy of fantasy novels set in the North West.

Delvin Nelson, 49, of Guide, has been writing since he was 11 years old and The Devil Egg, which was released on October 25, is his first published work.

The book, which Mr Nelson describes as a story of “cold war between angels and humans”, is the first part of a trilogy aimed at young adults. The series, which he says is almost fully written, takes place in the North West.

Mr Nelson, a father of one, said: “I’m proud of coming from up north and I know this area better than I know any other area to write about.

“The trilogy is based in Manchester, but it’s Manchester in a different dimension, really. There are strange phenomena and witches exist, angels exist. So it’s a different world, but there are landmarks of Manchester mentioned. The A666 in Blackburn is used because of the number.”

Mr Nelson said he had previously written mainly for his own enjoyment, explaining: “I’ve done it so long and it became a thing where I just stopped sending books off.

“I’m coming up to 50 next year and you start seeing the world differently. I thought, ‘If this doesn’t get published, if nobody’s interested in this, then surely I’m never going to be published’.”

But when the author sent his latest novel to publishers, he received interest.

Mr Nelson, who is a support worker for people with additional learning needs, says being able to share the book with people is the most rewarding part of the process.

He said: “I’ve never really talked about the fact that I write, with many people I work with especially.

“Since they found out about this, they’ve been really supportive, really interested and asking me questions.

“I feel less of a geek by talking to them about it. They’re impressed with it. I always felt a bit embarrassed that I did it.”

The author said: “It’s not about money. I would just love people to read the book.

“It’s nice for my family to read and say they’re enjoying it, to put reviews on Amazon.

“But I want somebody who doesn’t know me to read it and see how they feel about it.

“That would be great.”

The Devil Egg is available to buy from pegasuspublishers.com