A MAN who inflicted 'horrific' injuries on a clubber has been spared jail.

Bradley Watson lashed out during a night out in April when he hit a fellow reveller in the face with a bottle.

His victim, Nicholas Thompson, was left needing hospital treatment and said the scar remains a 'constant reminder' of the night's horrific events.

A second victim, who was referred to as 'collateral damage', suffered injuries after the glass bottle fell to the floor and shattered, cutting her legs.

The court heard how both Mr Thompson and Watson, of Melrose Avenue, Burnley, had been drinking on the night and had little recollection of the event.

Prosecutor Lisa Worsley said two witnesses were able to give accounts of what happened on the night.

She said: "A witness who was in the BB11 bar just after midnight, who was stood chatting by the dance floor, said his attention was drawn to the dance floor where the two men were standing.

"He does not recall why he was looking at them but he does remember seeing the defendant jumping forwards towards Mr Thompson and hitting him in the face with a glass bottle.

"Mr Thompson then doubled over and grabbed his face."

Shortly after, the police arrived and Watson was arrested. Meanwhile Mr Thompson was taken to hospital.

Ms Worsley continued: "The victim has said he hasn't been out much since the event out of fear that something like this could happen again. He recites the fact that his eye was stitched and he has been left with a permanent scar. He has become very self-concious, thinking people look at him thinking he is some kind of thug."

Watson pleaded guilty to wounding without intent and common assault.

Defending, Philip Holden said his client, who had little recollection of the event, maintained that he didn't realise that he had a bottle in his hand.

He said: "The event was a reaction he had to having a drink spilt down him, although it was never suggested that the victim spilt the drink on him - it was just a spur of the moment reaction.

“The reality is that neither party really remember what happened.”

Mr Holden said his client had no previous convictions and it was a 'sad set of circumstances' that brought him before the court.

Handing Watson an 18-month suspended sentence Recorder Alistair Webster said that he had clearly lost his temper, but the reason why was unexplained.

He said: "I am prepared to accept that this was reckless. But your victim's scar will cause embarrassment and will be a consistent reminder.

“The effect of your behaviour was appalling."

Watson was also ordered to pay Mr Thompson compensation of £1,500.