PEANUT butter porter. Mint choc chip pale ale. Black cherry and liquorice stout. What's your favourite?

Horwich-based Blackedge Brewing Company launched a competition asking beer lovers to offer their ideas for a new product and now they want your help picking a winner.

The public is being asked to vote on which brew they should try to produce from a list of suggestions including peanut butter and chocolate porter, black cherry and liquorice stout, chocolate and orange imperial stout, mint choc chip pale and dark ale, plum and fig dark ale, cinnamon and spice apple pale and even a crème brulee brew.

People can now vote online for their favourite from the top 10 with the winning brew named by October 12.

The winning ale will then be brewed at the Moreton Mill brewery, with the people who initially suggested the flavour being invited to help in the brewing process — and no doubt enjoy a couple of delicious beers throughout the day.

Mr Roper said: “The winners will be given a full brewing experience. There will be heavy work involved as there is in brewing, but it should be a bit of fun.”

To see all the options and to vote - go to