A WANTED man, who was being chased by police, climbed onto the roof of a house to evade capture and stayed up there for four hours.

Police said officers attempted to stop a vehicle being driven by the man in Blackburn at around 10.40am today.

He then abandoned the vehicle and climbed onto the roof of a property in Parsonage Road, Blackburn.

The Lancashire Telegraph understands the man is Timothy Bolchover, who is wanted by officers in connection with an incident in which an unmarked police car was rammed in Surrey. 

Police also wanted to speak to Bolchover, 29, after a car with a passenger and child in it, was driven dangerously on Monday, August 20, as well as a theft from a car on Wednesday, June 13.

 Bolchover, who had been seen using his mobile phone on the roof, eventually came down at around 3pm. He has now been arrested.

A road closure was in place near to the junction with Brook View Close but Parsonage Road is now fully re-open. 

Resident Henry Preece, 87, said: “I went out just before 10am and when I arrived back home around 11 I saw a helicopter circling around the area. 

“I saw two police cars up the road and I know the road is closed too. I don’t know what’s been going on.”

Kelly Dumom, of Parsonage Road, said: “I saw some of the police cars outside our house and did not know what it was.

“It is the first time that something like this happened around here. 

“I am a bit concerned about it.”

Another Parsonage Road resident said: “My daughter told me that she heard the police helicopter flying overhead.

“t is worrying that this has happened.”