I HAVE just read the letter from Ian Greenhalgh and am stunned at his prejudice and naivety.

His argument that we should stay in the EU for the security of our younger people beggars belief.

That is the very reason why the majority voted to leave.

The EU is broken and once we leave it will gradually disintegrate as other states see the folly of a central administration across such diverse cultures and economies.

The increasing march of the far right in most EU states is because of the ridiculous freedom of movement policy that has resulted in growing racial tension across the continent.

Mr Greenhalgh mentions lies told by the Brexiteers but that is rich when the warnings of economic catastrophe could not have been more wrong.

Record employment, highest GDP in Europe, and increasingly strong financial services have proven the doom mongers embarrassingly wrong.

A second referendum is both undemocratic and unnecessary.

That is accepted across the main political parties, irrespective of individuals opinions.

Tony Hutchinson