A 34-YEAR-OLD father-of-three hanged himself after his “work hard, party hard” lifestyle spiralled out-of-control.

James Williams was found hanged in the bathroom of his home in Meadowside Avenue, Bolton on June 10.

Bolton Coroners Court heard that Mr Williams had recently lost his job in a warehouse and had become increasingly depressed after having access to his young children restricted.

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His former partner of 12 years, Patricia Wakley, had cut off his contact with their children because of his “destructive, drug-fuelled lifestyle”.

His sister, Deborah Wall, told the court how her brother had lived by the motto, “work hard, party hard”.

She said he had tried to relieve his depression by binge-drinking and indulging in week-long “cocaine benders”.

After his break-up with Ms Wakley and his estrangement from his children, Mr Williams fell into a “black hole”.

Emma Breward, his partner at the time of his death, told the court that Mr Williams had been “hounded by drug dealers” seeking to settle a significant debt.

She said: “Drug dealers had visited our flat and threatened him with knives.

“He threatened to kill himself.

“He said he couldn’t see a way out. He he just wanted to disappear.”

On the morning of June 10, Ms Breward awoke at 5.15am in the home they shared.

She discovered Mr Williams’ body hanging from the bathroom door.

Delivering his verdict, Coroner Brennan said: “It is clear that an ever increasing reliance on cocaine appeared to have exacerbated his erratic behaviour.

“But we are not here to judge him, or to castigate him based on his lifestyle choices.

“The degree of preparation used by the deceased indicates that it was a deliberate act, not a tragic accident or misadventure.

“From the evidence and testimony of friends and family, it is apparent that Mr Williams had intended to end his own life.

“It is my appraisal that he was someone who believed he had simply come to the end of the road.”

He concluded: “I record Mr Williams’ death as suicide.”