A HEARTBROKEN dog owner is desperate for information about her pregnant French bull-dog after she was stolen in a terrifying door-step heist.

Two-year-old Reeva was taken from an address in Ashgrove, Darwen, when four men knocked on the door of the house she was staying in.

Owner Emma Holder, who has been left devastated by her disappearance, said the black-and-tan dog had been staying with a friend at the time of the event.

She said: "My friend was looking after her for a while but she was due to come home this weekend, in preparation to have the puppies.

"At around 8.45pm last Wednesday, there was a knock at his door, which he thought was unusual. He looked out the window and could see a man stood outside, so he went to the front door to see what they wanted.

"When he opened it he realised there were three other men stood out of sight. They said something to him about it being 'payday' and then shoved him out of the way. One of them punched him and one of them grabbed Reeva and then they all ran away.

"At the very least we just want to know if she is ok, she's due to have her puppies at any day now."

The men have been described as wearing all black and having hoods. One of them had a Burberry scarf tied around his neck.

They are also said to have local accents.

Ms Holder is concerned Reeva was stolen for her puppies, which will be full French Bull Dogs.

She said: "I don't know why they've taken her, but they may have seen her when she was out on walks and realised she was pregnant with puppies.

"We're all devastated about it, its just not something you expect to happen to you."

Police have been informed about the incident and anybody with any information is asked to contact them on 101 quoting log number LC-20180919-1573