SOCIAL work is a profession you may not think generates many laughs.

Every week, it seems there is yet another negative story about it in the national press.

But David Emery is hoping to help change that with the publication of his new book, Full Metal Cardigan; Adventures on the Frontline of Social Work.

Bury-born David, 44, said: “I wrote it to try and capture the humour and unpredictability that comes with working in this profession.”

The former Bury Church CE High School pupil, and Peel College student added: “I wanted to show that it’s not all about paperwork and unpleasantness but meeting with, and working alongside, interesting and inspiring people.”

In the book, which is published by Fledging on August 14 as a paperback and an ebook, David chronicles his career in health and social care around the country.

It includes international notoriety for cheating in a pancake race, encounters with the supernatural, High Court appearances, accidentally booking someone into Dignitas, waterboarding, plunger-wielding pregnant women and suicide attempts with rhubarb along the way.

David, who grew up on Bradley Fold Road, Ainsworth, first became interested in social work after he started volunteering for a local charity in Bury, working in residential homes and with young people.

Still practising today, he said: “It’s a very enjoyable job where no two days are the same and you never get bored. It is very rewarding.”

It is the perfect time to release his book as the latest trend in the publishing world is for books about the social and medical professions.

“I’ve had a lot of very positive feedback so far,” said David, who was once a Bury Times delivery boy.