A HOOLIGAN has been made subject to a football banning order after police gave details of his involvement in disorder over the last five years.

Blackburn magistrates were told Tailor Roberts had been at the forefront of numerous incidents involving Blackburn Rovers fans at home and away games.

And one incident in Amsterdam in March involved England supporters from Blackburn and Burnley who had travelled to the Dutch capital for an international match.

Roberts, 21, of Ivy Close, Blackburn, did not oppose the banning order which was put in place for three years. Lancashire police had applied for the order.

It prohibits him from attending regulated football matches and requires him to surrender his passport prior to international matches outside the UK and notify police of any change of address.

Specific conditions relating to Roberts include not to enter an area surrounding Ewood Park or Blackburn town centre on match days, four hours before kick-off and four hours after the match ends, and not to go within five miles of any away ground where Blackburn Rovers are playing.

Chris Keogh, prosecuting for Lancashire Constabulary, asked the magistrates to determine that Roberts had behaved in a manner likely to cause or contribute to violence and whether there were reasonable grounds for making an order to prevent violence and disorder at football matches.

Mr Keogh detailed Roberts’ involvement at incidents at matches involving Doncaster and Blackpool in 2013 and Preston in 2015 when Roberts was identified as being among “risk supporters” engaging in disorder with rival fans.

He was present at other incidents involving Bradford fans and in 2017 was outside the Golden Cup pub in Darwen when a group of Blackburn fans threw a firework which caused a police horse to unseat its rider.

He was again present when police had to form a cordon to protect Oldham going to the ground.

In April he was at the head of a group of Blackburn fans who made their way to the exit for visiting Southend fans.

Other incidents at which Roberts was present involved fans from Charlton and a match at Bury when smoke bombs were thrown.

“This order will assist the police in trying to prevent further disorder,” said Mr Keogh.

The court heard Roberts had no criminal convictions.

A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “The majority of people who attend football matches are law-abiding fans who simply want to watch a good match and enjoy the experience.

“However there are still a very small minority of people intent on causing trouble and it is our intention to do everything within our power to stop them.

“We hope that this firm action sends a clear message to others who attend football matches that any sort of violence, disorder or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

“We will not allow a very small minority of supporters, intent on anti-social behaviour, to ruin the enjoyment of law-abiding fans and will continue to work closely with local clubs in taking a hard line on this type of inappropriate behaviour.”

A spokesman for Rovers said: "Blackburn Rovers support the police in their actions in dealing with inappropriate behaviour."