BOLTON Central Fire Station will hold its annual open day next week, and firefighters are going the extra mile to thank the community for all the help provided during the Winter Hill blaze.

The event will be held between 11-4pm on August 11th at the Moor Lane station in the town centre, with fire and rescue personnel joined by other emergency service heroes.

The Winter Hill fire, which is still ongoing in certain patches of the moorland, was battled by services from across Bolton for more than three weeks.

During that time there were countless examples of members of the public providing aid to firefighters by offering food, water and clothes or simply by following directives and staying away from key areas.

Karsten Boyle, watch manager at Bolton Central, said the open day is a chance for services to say thank you for everything that was provided by the community.

He explained that everything at the event would be free, even things that had previously been charged for, and said he hoped the public would attend and enjoy the day.

He said: "It's our way of thanking all of the community for coming in and helping us during that difficult time.

"The water, the food and everything that was given to use, it was absolutely astonishing. The kindness and generosity people from Bolton and beyond have shown has been incredible.

"I think everyone should get together and enjoy this event. Our doors are open, come and see us, have a look and say hello."

As well as firefighters, the open day will feature Greater Manchester Police Officers and the North West Ambulance Service, alongside representatives from the air ambulance, blood bikes, mountain rescue and even the Army.

Visitors can see old police vehicles and uniforms, a vintage fire engine pole, and pics and videos of the battles with the moorland fires, to show what firefighters dealt with on Winter Hill and the Saddleworth Moors.

There will also be a kiddies fire engine ride and a chance to ride a hydraulic platform.

In addition, there will be practical CPR and rescue rope demonstrations throughout the day, which the public can get involved in.

The event is free, so anyone who is interested can come along any time between 11-4pm this Saturday.