THE Government’s handling of Brexit has been branded “a shambles” by Bury Council leader Rishi Shori, while James Frith MP accused the Conservatives of “irresponsibility”.

But Bury’s Tory chief, James Daly, has defended his party, saying the government is honouring the referendum result.

Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to have established support for an EU exit plan — dubbed The Chequers Agreement — before being hit this week with the high profile resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson.

Cllr Shori said: “What’s happening at a governmental level is a total shambles because Theresa May has spent more time negotiating with her own cabinet than the EU.

“That creates uncertainty for businesses in Bury and across Greater Manchester. We need certainty and we don’t have anything like certainty – and that could potentially harm local businesses.”

But he added that “building blocks” were in place to make Bury resilient to any economic that might result from Brexit.

“What we are trying to do is make sure that we have a very cogent growth plan for the borough,” he said.

Mr Frith said “reality had begun to bite” for the Prime Minister. But added that the Tories had indulged in an “ideological bun-fight” instead of pursuing a Brexit that was “best for Bury and best for Britain".

He said: “It’s been wholly irresponsible, their approach to it. We are two years in and it's taken two days for it to unravel in front of them.”

But Mr Daly said: “A majority of Bury residents voted leave in the referendum and the government is implementing that decision.

“There will always be different views on potential Brexit deals, but my belief is that we are a great country that should approach Brexit with self-confidence and take advantage of the economic opportunities.”