A NURSERY worker from Bolton has renewed calls to make a Tonge Moor junction safer after she was injured in a crash thee.

Kirsty McDonald, aged 31, sustained head injuries and bruising to here whole body after the taxi she was in crashed at the junction of Firwood Grove and Le Gendre Street.

Her crash was one of two in two days which prompted mums Nicola Haslam and Charlotte Burrows, who live in Le Gendre Street, to ask the council to make the road safer by repainting the markings and introducing other safety measures like speed bumps.

Now Mrs McDonald, who lives in Bleak Street, has called for the same, she said: “I’m petrified to go back on that road. I have no memory of what happened, what I know has come from two witnesses.”

Mrs McDonald had been coming home from shopping on July 2 in a taxi along Firwood Grove when it collided with another car coming from Le Gendre Street.

Mrs McDonald said: “My taxi was travelling up the road and this other car has come straight through and smashed into me and pushed me into a tree.

“My head has gone through the window, I have a gash in my forehead and one in my back.

“My body is so bruised and sore, I can’t go back to work and I’m struggling to move. I can’t go back to work and I’m struggling to move. If I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt I could have died, it’s not nice to think about.”

She added: “I want to see speed bumps and markings in the road. The markings are alright but you still get idiots.

“It needs speed bumps so drivers can’t go through there and use it as a free for all. They should be going 20 mph. I don’t feel safe being back out there.”

Bolton Council has said it will be going out the assess the road and will be schedule in a time to repair markings that need repainting.

To date the council has not received additional requests for traffic safety measures in the area.