CONSTITUENTS will soon be able to find out how their councillors votes while representing them in the town hall chamber.

Members of the corporate resources, strategy and budget policy development group this week agreed to bring in “named votes” in a bid to increase accountability.

It comes after town hall chiefs unanimously voted for the change after an investigation of the council’s planning committee practices recommended, recording votes via a new electronic system.

An hour long meeting of the policy development group on Monday agreed the principle of how the new system will work.

Borough solicitor Helen Gorman will now prepare changes to the council’s constitution. The first named votes could be held at the next full meeting a week today. However, it is understood that some votes, such as those taken by disciplinary panels and will be exempt.

Cllr Sean Hornby, who was part of the policy development group that agreed the new system, welcomed the changes.

He said: “It’s a step in the right direction and I thank the council leader, it’s a good step for transparency. It’s got to be a positive. Time and again this council gets accused of voting en block and it will put that to bed once and for all.And more importantly it lets Joe Public know how members are performing in scrutiny committees.”