A TEENAGE girl has been taken to hospital with “serious head injuries” after a car crash close to St James C of E High School in Farnworth.

The 14-year-old was involved in a collision with a vehicle on Highfield Road, close to the junction with Lucas Road this afternoon.

Police were called at about 3.50pm to reports that a car had collided with a pedestrian and found that the driver had remained at the scene.

Paramedics took the girl to Manchester Children’s Hospital for treatment, although the extent of her injuries is not yet clear.

David Coleman, who has lived on the street since 1999, said there had been problems with collisions in the area before.

He said: "This is about the fourth crash in the past three months. Last week a car hit a neighbour's car further down the road and rammed it up the drive.

"People are flying up and down this road like mad men and there's been nobody around checking on it.

"It's a disgrace, this road is being used like an F1 track."

The road was closed from around 4pm while police conducted investigations.