EIGHTEEN 'banned breed dogs' being kept in poor conditions have been seized by police.

The Lancashire Police Dog Unit and RSPCA raided two properties in Blackburn on Wednesday, March 7.

The dogs, all of which are thought to be banned breeds, were being kept in poor conditions, police said.

Officers from the Lancashire Dog Handling Unit, the Blackburn Neighbourhood Team and the RSPCA raided two the homes on after a tip-off from the public.

Upon entering the premises officers found 18 dogs, all suspected to be pit bulls, in cages around the property.

Police Dog Handler, Adrian Greer said: "Our two main lines of enquiry are to find out if these dogs are indeed banned breeds, and to find out if there are signs of puppy-farming.

"All of the dogs were fairly pleasantly mannered and they will now have to undergo characterisation assessments to find out what breeds they are for sure - but they look to be pit bull types."

The dogs, who have now been taken into police-approved kennels, will undergo tests over the following weeks before a final decision as to where they will go.