A FAMILY is offering a £10,000 reward to catch robbers who held a grandmother and her granddaughter at knife point.

Masked thieves broke into the home of 77-year-old Jean Macdonald as she was asleep in bed.

Her granddaughter Jade Macdonald was eating dinner when she heard a downstairs window "smashed in."

The 22-year-old, who was visiting her grandma, said: "I jumped up and pulled the curtain back.

"I saw the two of them with masks on.

"I challenged them and tried to push them back but one had a crowbar and the other had a knife.

"My body went into shock and the next thing they were in the house."

One of the men wore a white Halloween mask featuring a smiley face while the other wore a black balaclava.

Police said the men were both wearing grey tracksuits. One man was of a stocky build, wearing a balaclava, and carrying a crowbar.

While the second man was of thin build, wore a face mask and carried a knife.

Jade, who lives near to her nan, said: "They kept shouting 'Give me money', 'Give me money'.

"I said she had nothing. There was a small amount of change on the side but they said they hadn't come for that.

"I was screaming. Then I heard my nan ask what was going on."

Jean is severely disabled and has been on a nebuliser due to breathing difficulties.

She was asleep in bed upstairs at the time of the break-in around 8.45pm on Friday night.

Jade said: "The smaller man with the knife ran upstairs to my nan. I chased him but the other one grabbed me.

"I was just screaming 'Don't hurt my nan'. I was so panicked for her.

"They demanded money then pulled me into the living room and pushed me into a chair.

"He punched me and said he would smack me up then began waving a crowbar in my face."

Upstairs, the other man held a knife to Jean's stomach and demanded money from her.

Jade's main concern throughout the incident was for her nan, who she said "could have had a heart attack."

Jean, who lives in Hazel Avenue, said: "I'm not at all good after what happened but Jade is worse because she was downstairs when they came through the window.

"I can't believe that people would do this sort of thing, especially to a young girl and a 77-year-old woman."

During the raid, the masked man punched Jade on the left side of her face.

Jade moved aside and the man was able to find some money in a plastic container - a few hundred pounds in savings.

Jade said: "I was panicking as they ran out. I was fumbling on my phone, trying to call my brother."

Jade's mum and brother, who live nearby, arrived soon after the two men had left and called the police, who visited that night and took statements.

Jean's daughter Corrina Macdonald has since urged residents to give the names of the offenders, with the promise of a £10,000 reward.

Another family member Scott Macdonald, Corrina's nephew, has been arranging for Bury Council to fix his nan's window which is currently boarded over.

He said: "Jade hasn't been able to sleep or work since the incident.

"My nan is severely disabled and she hasn't been off her oxygen machine since it happened.

"Nan can't believe someone has been upstairs in her home with a mask on, and had a knife pointing at her stomach."

Friends of the family urged them to check nearby shops for CCTV footage of the thugs in the moments before the attack.

Dozens of friends and Facebook users posted their well wishes for Jean and Jade while others said they hoped they catch "the scumbags."

A GMP spokeswoman said: "Two offenders broke into the house and threatened a victim with a knife while the other punched the second victim.

"Our enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information should call 101, quoting reference 2163 of October 6."