POLICE have discovered a cannabis farm inside a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Whitefield.

Officers raided the property in Wingate Drive on Friday after receiving an anonymous tip-off.

Around 150 plants at various stages of growth were discovered in three first-floor rooms which featured intricate lighting, ventilation and irrigation systems. The house's electricity meter had also been bypassed and free power was being fed directly from the mains. All the windows had been covered to help conceal the operation.

It is understood the newly-renovated property was rented out for £600 per month in May to a Vietnamese couple who claimed they owned a restaurant. They changed the locks but only visited the house every other day.

Scenes of crimes officers removed the equipment and plants, which were later destroyed.

Inspector Dave Ryecroft, head of policing in Whitefield said: "This farm is sophisticated and professionally set up. A lot of money has been invested."

He urged landlords, leasing agents and property developers to be extra vigilant to any suspicious activity in properties they own and for neighbours to pass on any suspicions to police.

Bury police have enjoyed a period of success with its action to tackle drug abuse. Sixteen people were recently charged with supplying Class A drugs following a series of dawn raids on homes across the borough and another drugs farm was discovered last week in South Bank Road, Bury.