A FATHER-of-one from Blackburn with a history of depression and mental health problems died after taking a fatal cocktail of heroin and cocaine, an inquest heard.

But senior coroner Michael Singleton ruled that Aaron David Ansbro’s death was not suicide and reached a conclusion of drug-related death.


The court heard how the night before his death on September 19, Mr Ansbro, 23, who was taking prescribed anti-psychosis drugs, had been out drinking at the houses of friends in the Mill Hill area of Blackburn.

Also present was his partner at the time Sheila Moreland, who claimed in a police interview she was pregnant with Mr Ansbro’s child and he had proposed to her.

Mr Ansbro’s family disputed a lot of Miss Moorland’s statement during the inquest hearing, held at Blackburn Enterprise Centre.

In the statement, read out by Detective Constable Lyndsey Jayne Ward, Ms Moorland said Mr Ansboro had stolen Class A drugs from one of his friends.

But later on in the statement she said the friend had given Mr Ansbro money to buy drugs, before eventually saying the money had come from her.

After taking a mixture of heroin, cocaine and alcohol, Mr Ansbro is said to have ‘turned a funny colour’, struggled breathing and refused to go to bed.

Miss Moorland said in her statement she texted Mr Ansbro’s mother saying: “He doesn’t look right. Come round”.

She told police Mr Ansbro, of Bower Street in Blackburn, was found unresponsive on the living room sofa by his mother and later pronounced dead by paramedics.

The inquest heard he had suffered heart and respiratory failure.