WHEN former Bury man Malcolm Roscow began writing his first novel, he could never have imagined the battle he would face to get it published.

But, determined not to give up, he is finally proud to call himself an author — 23 years and 219 rejection letters later.

Now, Malcolm's book, entitled Another Boring Day in Paradise, is currently receiving rave reviews on Amazon while the 75-year-old works on getting book number two up to scratch.

Malcolm, who lives in Poole, Dorset, was born in Holcombe Brook and his family owned two local companies: the textile mill of James Holden Towels and Olives Paper Mill.

He worked for Olives and after leaving the firm he embarked on a 35-year career in pulp and paper which took him to 68 countries on five continents. He lived for seven years in the USA and a year in the Bahamas.

He said: "It was after a disastrous business venture in the Bahamas that I wrote 'Another Boring Day in Paradise' which has now been published in print and e-book formats. It actually took me 23 years, and 219 rejection letters from literary agents before I finally managed to find myself a publisher.

“I feel like an author now. I called myself a writer up until then. Until I was published I didn’t want to call myself an author.”

Malcolm was first encouraged to write a book by his late wife, Eileen.

He added: "She talked me into writing the book. Most of the lead character is me. My books tend to be around someone who is involved in an international business, so far. I was inspired by true life events. It’s based on a true story."

Despite repeated rejections, Malcolm continued his attempts to secure a publisher. "Every time I got a letter I took it as saying my writing was not up to standard. So, rather than keep writing a new one, I went back to the old ones and improved them."

Malcolm eventually came across publisher Austin Macauley and, after sending them the synopsis and three sample chapters, was asked to supply them with the full manuscript. Three weeks later, he received a contract in the post.