A DISGRUNTLED resident took it upon himself to clear masses of nappies, broken glass and other rubbish from a pathway in Blackburn, after losing patience with the council.

James Crutchshanks, from Shadsworth, had lodged four formal requests with Blackburn with Darwen Council to come and clean the path at the end of Patterdale Avenue and Ennerdale Avenue, but claims his reports fell on deaf ears.


After contacting his ward councillors to try to force the issue, he spotted Coun Ron O’Keeffe in the area on Saturday morning. The pair spoke about the problem then decided to clear the rubbish themselves, there and then.

Mr Crutchshanks, who lives off Patterdale Avenue, said: “It’s not right to ask people to live near this amount of rubbish, but I’d just had enough and when I saw the councillor there we just agreed to do the clean-up together. It took us about three hours and we filled ten plastic bags.

“I’ve only lived here for three months. I first complained about rubbish in December but the council wouldn’t come and clean it. I told them I was contacting the Lancashire Telegraph and they sent a Your Call team to clean it up, but it was a half-hearted attempt.

“I’m not criticising the lads that came because I’m sure they were just doing what they were told, but they cleared a small section of the pathway at the top and the rest of it was just left.”

Coun O’Keeffe said he goes on regular litter-picks around the ward but said it was not his or the council’s responsibility to clear rubbish from the pathways.

He added: “I was just going up there to clean a certain patch and met Mr Crutchshanks walking his dog. Between us, we decided to clear right along the path from Shadsworth Road to Queen’s Park. It was an unbelievable amount of rubbish.

“Most of this was not council land and because of the cutbacks there just aren’t the resources to send teams out to clean it regularly.

“It’s up to the residents to keep their area clean and that’s what I try to encourage.”