METAL legends Tool are the kind of band that make music tailor-made for an arena and Manchester's gig was no exception.

Starting with popular single Stinkfist, Tool's epic prog-metal anthems reverberated intensely throughout the stadium and the audience was instantly hypnotised.

What was also noticeable was that the band's songs seemed to last an eternity in terms of stage time with most of them drawing out to the eight-minute mark.

Not that this was a bad thing as each step in the song structure was incremented perfectly by the masterful musicians as tunes reached crescendo after crescendo to the delight of the crowd.

Keeping to their reputation, the gig was also a feast for the eyes as strange and sometimes disturbing images popped up on large screens behind the band and there was even an impressive laser display during the encore.

What was slightly disappointing was that the set was reasonably short but for all who were there, it was a suitably impressive gig for a band that are pioneers within their genre.