A SHEET metal worker could be lining his pockets with silver when he appears on a TV quiz show today.

Ashley Routh, 29, was due to be a contestant on Channel 4’s 1001 Things You Should Know, hosted by comedian Sandi Toksvig at 3.30pm.

He could win thousands of pounds if he answers a series of questions that are supposed to be ‘easy’.

The quiz was filmed in Glasgow in March but Mr Routh, of Carter Street, Burnley, was sworn to secrecy by producers about how he performed on the show.

The former St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School and St Theodore’s RC High School pupil said: “I had never even watched the show before so I didn’t really know what to expect. I went in blind.

“To be fair, some of the questions were much harder than I expected them to be.

“I didn’t make any overly embarrassing errors though, nothing to make me look stupid anyway.”

Mr Routh, who lives with his wife Gemma, 27, and son Joshua, two, said he was unfazed by the pressure of answering questions in front of the lights and cameras.

He said: “I went on the Weakest Link seven years ago so I didn’t find it too intimidating. I enjoy learning and knowing about things. I seem to get a lot of useless information and silly things stuck in my head so I guess that helps.”

The show sees three contestants attempt to answer questions on a variety of subjects, going head-to-head on basic questions before larger cash prizes are awarded for more difficult questions.

The series will feature familiar faces including pop group The Saturdays, journalist Jon Snow, and former MP Anne Widdecombe as guest experts posing the questions.