Primary Schools (Key Stage 2) in M14 7BQ

Compare all primary schools within 10 miles of M14 7BQ on this page. Click an individual school for more detailed information about its results and a link to its Ofsted reports. You can also rank schools according to results of your choice by clicking the headings at the top of the table.

The tables below show achievement for pupils aged 11 and progress pupils have made between ages 7 and 11.

Key Stage 2 Achievement 2014

School Pupils Level 4 achievement Level 5 achievement Points score
Abbey Hey Primary082%20%28.3
Abbott Community Primary23481%7%28.1
Abingdon Primary19646%15%26.3
Acacias Community Primary46798%33%30.5
Adswood Primary28270%15%27.1
Aldwyn Primary35198%39%30.9
Alexandra Park Junior33260%11%26.4
Alexandra Park Primary40671%26%28.2
Alkrington Primary42190%31%30.3
All Saints C of E Primary Marple19774%37%29.1
All Saints C of E Primary Stockport21471%17%27.4
All Saints C of E Primary, Stand24797%42%31.1
All Saints C of E Primary24077%10%27.3
All Saints Primary23963%30%28.3
All Saints' Catholic Primary24776%38%29.9
Alma Park Primary48683%27%29.5
Alt PrimaryNEW
Alt Primary31059%0%25.3
Altrincham C of E (Aided) Primary32490%45%31.1
Arden Primary39373%16%27.7
Arlies Primary24882%32%29.1
Armitage C of E Primary33768%7%27.2
Arundale Primary188100%11%28.8
Ashbury Meadow Primary24488%28%29.2
Ashdene Primary40888%42%30.6
Ashgate Specialist Support Primary910%0%13.8
Ashton West End Primary35170%18%27.8
Audenshaw Primary21294%29%29.8
Baguley Hall Primary44878%13%27.6
Banks Lane Junior35679%29%28.8
Bare Trees Primary56780%25%28.7
Barlow Hall Primary31063%9%26.1
Barton Clough Primary25282%24%28.3
Barton Moss Community Primary21552%8%26.1
Beaver Road Primary66490%47%30.5
Beech Street Community Primary23669%13%28.0
Beever Primary24479%14%27.6
Benchill Primary44463%10%26.4
Birchfields Primary72089%24%29.6
Blackshaw Lane Primary & Nursery22097%17%28.9
Boarshaw Community Primary23783%17%28.8
Bollin Primary46092%32%31.2
Bolshaw Primary21090%23%29.0
Boothstown Methodist Primary22886%28%29.2
Bowdon C of E Primary44596%54%33.1
Bowker Vale Primary42984%20%29.5
Bowlee Park Community Primary58992%38%30.2
Bradley Green Community Primary21379%21%28.1
Bradshaw Hall Primary42380%33%29.3
Bredbury Green Primary37276%13%27.7
Brentnall Primary23773%4%27.3
Bridge Hall Primary14790%20%28.8
Bridgewater Primary24286%21%29.3
Broad Oak Primary50172%22%28.4
Broadbent Fold Primary and Nursery23177%13%28.0
Broadbottom C of E Primary103100%46%31.4
Broadfield Primary37091%20%29.2
Broadheath Primary27790%19%30.1
Broadhurst Primary23361%9%25.0
Broadoak Primary32277%10%28.0
Broadstone Hall Primary48181%21%29.1
Brookburn Community47391%33%31.1
Brooklands Primary53393%44%31.4
Brookside Primary16971%12%26.6
Broomwood Primary31771%13%27.9
Buckton Vale Primary25892%19%29.4
Burnley Brow Community48295%11%29.3
Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary13086%29%29.9
Butterstile Primary40283%26%28.9
Button Lane Primary36391%21%28.9
Cadishead Primary39080%9%27.8
Cale Green Primary24881%19%28.3
Camberwell Park Specialist Support890%0%12.6
Cams Lane Primary19777%9%28.5
Canon Burrows C of E Primary470100%58%31.8
Canon Johnson C of E Primary24162%14%27.5
Cavendish Primary55386%36%30.2
Chapel Street Primary57966%10%26.5
Chapelfield Primary30976%11%28.5
Charlestown Community Primary35072%8%27.1
Charlesworth Primary10169%15%28.3
Cheadle Catholic Junior34780%20%30.3
Cheadle Heath Primary29467%11%27.8
Cheadle Primary29868%13%27.0
Cheetwood Primary24392%12%29.4
Chorlton C of E Primary23997%62%31.9
Chorlton Park Primary72391%31%30.0
Christ Church C of E Primary20774%9%27.5
Christ Church C of E Primary27780%25%29.4
Christ The King RC Primary23887%10%27.9
Christ The King RC Primary Manchester40888%33%30.0
Claremont Primary48093%28%30.0
Clarendon Road Community Primary32468%6%28.5
Clarksfield Primary47374%7%27.1
Clifton Primary33076%8%26.6
Cloverlea Primary238100%48%32.4
C of E of the Resurrection26197%48%31.4
Corpus Christi RC Primary30897%33%31.3
Corrie Primary35575%0%27.6
Crab Lane Primary33579%15%28.0
Cravenwood Community Primary49271%12%27.9
Cravenwood Primary AcademyNEW
Cringle Brook PrimaryNEW
Crossacres Primary44677%13%27.8
Crosslee Community Primary31673%13%27.6
Crowcroft Park Primary24075%32%29.8
Crumpsall Lane Primary46061%13%26.8
Dane Bank Primary23793%30%30.1
Davyhulme Primary54087%31%29.5
Dean Oaks Primary31676%29%28.8
Dial Park Primary23767%7%26.6
Didsbury C of E Primary23388%27%30.5
Didsbury Road Primary45388%24%29.3
Dowson Primary47582%27%29.2
Dukesgate Academy20689%11%28.7
E-ACT Blackley Academy38381%16%28.1
Ellenbrook Community Primary26797%52%31.2
Elm Wood Primary43173%13%27.5
English Martyrs' RC Primary23186%39%31.0
Etchells Primary37682%26%29.8
Fairfield Road Primary36293%21%30.2
Fairway Primary22287%9%28.4
Fiddlers Lane Community Primary22287%35%29.6
Fir Bank Primary20887%20%29.0
Firs Primary30282%21%28.7
Flixton Junior24095%44%31.2
Flowery Field Primary47770%11%27.4
Freehold Community Junior Infant and Nursery44384%23%28.5
Garrett Hall Primary46982%32%29.2
Gatley Primary45893%36%31.4
Gee Cross Holy Trinity C of E (VC) Primary23584%16%29.4
Godfrey Ermen Memorial C of E Primary33870%13%27.4
Godley Community Primary26386%18%28.7
Gorse Hall Primary and Nursery46182%12%28.0
Gorse Hill Primary35171%9%27.3
Gorsefield Primary45358%2%25.6
Gorsey Bank Primary41798%57%32.2
Great Moor Junior32396%32%30.6
Greave Primary21774%19%28.1
Green End Primary48082%18%28.6
Greenacres Junior Infant and Nursery23556%7%25.9
Greenfield Primary and Early Years Centre28961%6%27.0
Greenhill Primary49389%23%28.6
Greenside Primary and Children's Centre46776%31%28.9
Greswell Primary and Nursery46188%27%29.3
Grosvenor Road Primary43582%43%29.8
Harwood Park Primary27768%0%26.2
Hazel Grove Primary31678%19%29.1
Heald Place Primary63070%25%27.3
Heap Bridge Village Primary15694%38%30.6
Heaton Park Primary40077%9%28.0
Hey-with-Zion Primary28787%32%31.0
Heyes Lane Primary66789%26%30.0
High Lane Primary19892%42%31.1
Higher Failsworth Primary42972%21%28.0
Higher Lane Primary44667%8%28.2
Higher Openshaw Community34787%8%28.3
Highfield Primary283100%42%31.4
Hilton Lane Primary23267%11%26.5
Holden Clough Community Primary23990%55%31.6
Hollin Primary26090%21%29.0
Hollingworth Primary20982%36%30.1
Hollins Green St Helen's C of E (Aided) Primary12493%21%30.2
Hollins Grundy Primary20686%32%29.4
Holy Cross and All Saints RC Primary23887%27%29.0
Holy Cross C of E Primary46384%19%28.7
Holy Family Catholic Primary19496%30%29.8
Holy Family Catholic Primary22388%12%28.8
Holy Family RC Primary210NANANA
Holy Family VA RC Primary23783%25%29.1
Holy Name RC Primary Manchester19588%20%28.0
Holy Rosary RC Junior Infant and Nursery23279%18%29.4
Holy Trinity C of E Primary25281%12%28.3
Holy Trinity C of E Primary23673%13%27.2
Hopwood Community Primary32898%48%31.5
Horton Mill Community Primary26371%3%26.7
Hurst Knoll St James' C of E Primary22946%4%26.3
Hursthead Junior35492%33%30.3
Irk Valley Community50179%23%28.4
Irlam Endowed Primary24480%10%28.8
Irlam Primary40578%18%29.5
James Brindley Community Primary26987%43%30.2
Kearsley West Primary24579%18%27.4
King David Primary432100%69%33.8
King's Road Primary46673%15%27.1
Kingsway Primary19083%17%28.4
Knowsley Junior35496%15%29.5
Lacey Green Primary Academy31391%30%29.9
Ladybarn Primary46088%16%29.4
Ladybridge Primary22666%13%27.1
Ladybrook Primary24297%37%31.2
Lane End Primary20880%27%29.4
Lark Hill Community Primary41658%19%27.9
Lark Hill Primary18065%13%26.5
Leigh Primary32258%0%25.3
Lewis Street Primary24976%14%27.1
Light Oaks Junior35388%28%29.3
Lily Lane Primary48285%19%28.7
Lime Tree Primary31496%39%30.7
Limehurst Community Primary32983%13%28.0
Linden Road Primary and Hearing Impaired Resource Base23071%4%27.7
Lindow Community Primary20080%36%29.0
Little Bollington C of E Primary8980%30%29.3
Little Heaton C of E Primary18450%0%26.4
Littlemoor Primary31550%4%26.4
Livingstone Primary15976%29%30.8
Longford Park4820%0%20.7
Lostock Hall Primary13090%25%29.9
Lower Kersal Community Primary248100%21%30.3
Lower Park28095%46%30.3
Ludworth Primary32496%47%31.8
Lum Head Primary20477%26%29.0
Lyndhurst Community Primary23679%25%28.4
Lyndhurst Primary and Nursery48466%14%26.8
Manchester Communications Primary AcademyNEW
Manchester Road Primary39177%15%28.5
Manley Park Primary48786%21%29.1
Manor Green Primary and Nursery45580%20%28.5
Marlborough Road Academy47554%10%26.3
Masefield Primary33579%18%28.5
Mather Street Primary19478%17%27.3
Mauldeth Road Primary39584%30%29.3
Mayfield Primary22570%9%27.8
Meadowbank Primary41168%32%28.5
Medlock Primary46873%12%27.5
Medlock Valley Community32380%27%28.7
Mersey Drive Community Primary20995%24%30.7
Mersey Vale Primary22384%28%30.1
Mesne Lea Primary27993%33%30.2
Micklehurst All Saints C of E Primary18779%25%27.9
Middleton Parish Church26283%31%29.5
Millbrook Primary24996%52%31.2
Mills Hill Primary46898%38%30.6
Millwood Primary Special1040%0%12.5
Milton St John's C of E Primary24187%27%30.3
Mobberley C of E Primary14878%33%28.8
Monton Green Primary34781%24%28.7
Moorfield Community Primary15783%6%27.6
Moorfield Primary40981%27%28.5
Moorlands Junior22881%37%29.3
Moorside Primary46772%14%28.2
Moorside Primary44190%21%29.5
Moss Hey Primary20468%29%29.0
Moss Park Junior24395%39%30.5
Mossfield Primary31073%17%27.2
Moston Fields Primary33165%10%27.1
Moston Lane Community Primary45873%10%27.1
Mottram C of E Primary14088%18%28.7
Mount Carmel RC Primary48477%28%29.0
Mytham Primary34093%30%30.6
Navigation Primary39885%37%31.2
Nevill Road Junior26975%33%29.7
New Moston Primary50287%27%30.8
Newall Green Primary65286%15%28.4
Norbury Hall Primary46191%19%29.2
Norris Bank Primary37295%34%30.5
North Cheshire Jewish Primary248100%55%32.6
North Walkden Primary19588%15%28.4
Northenden Community23493%37%31.4
Oakdale and Acorn Nursery1060%0%12.0
Oakfield Primary and Moderate Learning Difficulties Resource Base23076%21%27.7
Oasis Academy Aspinal24026%0%23.7
Oasis Academy Limeside25889%22%29.8
Old Hall Drive Primary47078%9%27.9
Old Moat Community Primary45260%14%26.1
Old Trafford Community41282%18%29.1
Oldfield Brow Primary23396%52%32.7
Orrishmere Primary20776%28%29.3
Oswald Road Primary59682%24%29.8
Our Lady and St Paul's RC Primary, Heywood22975%21%28.2
Our Lady of Grace RC Primary44880%32%29.7
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary21795%26%29.8
Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Primary, Ashton-under-Lyne23790%28%29.3
Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary21093%47%32.1
Our Lady's Catholic Primary19690%35%30.2
Our Lady's RC Primary Manchester24460%7%26.6
Outwood Primary21894%11%28.9
Park Road Academy Primary253100%47%32.2
Park Road Primary25994%78%33.1
Park View Community Primary37883%14%28.6
Park View Primary44971%14%27.9
Parkfield Primary22794%36%30.5
Parochial C of E Primary and Nursery, Ashton-under-Lyne23590%33%30.0
Partington Primary48174%11%27.4
Peel Hall Primary37579%7%27.1
Peel Hall Primary24093%19%28.9
Pike Fold Primary33387%19%28.9
Pinfold Primary39191%26%30.0
Plymouth Grove Primary42481%26%29.4
Poplar Street Primary40475%7%28.2
Pownall Green Primary41786%45%30.2
Prestolee Primary26497%19%29.8
Primrose Hill Primary and Children's Centre31650%13%26.0
Propps Hall Junior Infant and Nursery16775%25%29.5
Prospect Vale Primary23896%24%30.7
Queen's Road Primary24580%30%29.9
Queensbridge Primary25259%14%25.4
Queensgate Primary24189%61%30.9
Rack House Primary31583%24%29.3
Radcliffe Hall Church of England/Methodist Controlled Primary29171%8%27.1
Radcliffe PrimaryNEW
Radcliffe Primary066%3%27.1
Ravensbury Community41882%16%28.4
Ravensfield Primary45771%16%27.7
Ribble Drive Community Primary24062%8%27.3
Richmond PrimaryNEW
Richmond Primary53780%18%28.2
Ringway Primary26178%17%28.8
River View Community Primary46280%11%27.8
Rolls Crescent Primary47567%15%27.6
Romiley Primary45686%21%29.9
Rose Hill Primary52085%21%29.0
Rosehill Methodist Community Primary45784%14%28.5
Roundthorn Primary Academy26193%27%30.5
Royton Hall Primary34578%20%28.5
Russell Scott Primary42886%27%29.0
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary23483%17%28.4
Sacred Heart RC Primary24279%21%28.3
Sandilands Primary40686%6%27.1
Saviour C of E Primary22361%11%25.7
Sedgley Park Community Primary27182%21%28.5
Seymour Park Community Primary65290%32%30.6
Silver Springs Primary Academy32985%7%27.5
South Failsworth Community Primary48088%33%30.8
Spindle Point Primary24589%37%29.7
Spring Brook6930%10%24.2
Springfield Primary46593%44%32.1
Springwood Primary1660%0%12.6
St Agnes C of E Primary41481%16%28.5
St Agnes C of E Primary11094%18%28.5
St Aidan and St Oswald's RC40669%19%27.8
St Aidan's Catholic Primary25276%15%28.4
St Alphonsus RC Primary22185%22%29.1
St Ambrose Catholic Primary20371%25%27.8
St Ambrose RC Primary22990%10%28.9
St Andrew's C of E Primary, Radcliffe25687%17%29.0
St Andrew's C of E Primary46293%50%31.3
St Andrew's C of E Primary21779%21%28.7
St Andrew's C of E Primary37376%36%29.3
St Andrew's Methodist Primary23687%33%29.7
St Ann's RC Primary45390%23%29.8
St Anne's C of E (Aided) Primary29795%26%29.6
St Anne's C of E Primary24078%37%30.0
St Anne's Fulshaw C of E Primary130100%50%32.4
St Anne's Primary20484%20%29.2
St Anne's RC Primary24071%10%28.0
St Anne's RC Primary20382%23%29.3
St Anne's RC Primary22769%24%28.4
St Anne's RC Primary Crumpsall Manchester26297%28%29.6
St Anthony's Catholic Primary67275%19%28.4
St Augustine's C of E Primary22375%4%27.6
St Augustine's C of E Primary23179%13%27.5
St Barnabas C of E Primary Academy24562%14%27.1
St Benedict's Catholic Primary19095%40%30.5
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary22683%26%29.0
St Bernadette's RC Primary, Whitefield25593%27%29.7
St Bernard's RC Primary Manchester34190%36%29.8
St Boniface RC Primary23475%18%28.4
St Brigid's RC Primary24287%23%28.5
St Catherine's RC Primary47592%38%30.3
St Chad's RC Primary24082%21%28.9
St Charles' RC Primary25185%22%29.9
St Christopher's Catholic Primary21197%33%31.0
St Christopher's RC Primary23596%54%31.7
St Chrysostom's C of E Primary36986%25%29.3
St Clare's RC Primary45969%15%26.9
St Clement's C of E Primary23454%7%26.6
St Cuthbert's RC Primary32864%27%27.6
St Dunstan's RC Primary28984%13%28.0
St Edmund's RC Primary240100%29%30.1
St Edmunds RC Primary38973%9%27.7
St Edward's RC28397%29%31.2
St Elisabeth's C of E Primary25079%21%29.4
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary20883%44%30.3
St Francis RC Primary26080%13%28.2
St Gabriel's C of E Primary23085%19%29.2
St Gabriel's RC Primary, Rochdale19590%14%28.9
St George's C of E Primary36988%32%30.4
St George's C of E Primary18880%7%28.6
St George's C of E Primary22477%23%28.6
St George's C of E Primary17273%14%28.2
St Gilbert's RC Primary26293%26%30.7
St Gregory's RC Primary, Farnworth, Bolton21575%22%28.7
St Herbert's RC32075%18%27.5
St Hilda's C of E Primary13393%7%28.3
St Hilda's C of E Primary37552%9%25.7
St Hilda's C of E Primary35078%16%28.8
St Hugh of Lincoln RC Primary30994%24%30.1
St Hugh's Catholic Primary67587%33%30.0
St Hugh's C of E Primary21756%13%26.7
St James Catholic Primary16175%25%29.3
St James C of E Primary, Ashton-under-Lyne22183%6%27.3
St James C of E Primary, Farnworth34375%23%28.0
St James' C of E Primary Gorton24773%7%26.7
St James' C of E Primary, Birch-in-Rusholme24080%17%29.0
St John Bosco RC Primary23280%8%28.1
St John C of E Primary, Kearsley19577%27%27.6
St John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Primary34465%10%26.7
St John Fisher RC Primary, Denton22687%26%29.5
St John Fisher RC Primary, Rochdale20980%30%28.9
St John's C of E Primary18996%31%30.2
St John's C of E Primary, Radcliffe13869%0%24.8
St John's C of E Junior15397%24%30.2
St John's C of E Primary24887%17%29.2
St John's C of E Primary36776%26%29.1
St John's C of E Primary Mosley Common13277%27%29.0
St John's C of E Primary, Dukinfield25293%24%29.8
St John's RC Primary49797%37%30.8
St John's VA C of E Primary, Thornham8780%40%30.2
St Joseph the Worker RC Primary19990%35%30.0
St Joseph's Catholic Primary44597%58%32.4
St Joseph's RC Primary17190%19%28.8
St Joseph's RC Primary19758%11%26.3
St Joseph's RC Primary Manchester25580%13%28.7
St Joseph's RC Primary, Rochdale29890%23%30.0
St Joseph's Stockport Catholic Primary14995%24%29.8
St Kentigern's RC Primary45056%16%26.6
St Luke's C of E Primary28176%21%29.1
St Luke's C of E Primary48176%22%29.2
St Luke's C of E Primary41976%21%28.2
St Luke's C of E Primary21293%34%30.5
St Luke's RC Primary40987%39%30.0
St Malachy's RC Primary22183%13%28.6
St Margaret Mary's RC Primary Manchester35096%36%31.7
St Margaret Ward Catholic Primary23976%16%29.5
St Margaret's C of E Primary25378%28%29.0
St Margaret's C of E Primary20867%20%28.0
St Margaret's C of E Junior Infant and Nursery30947%8%26.3
St Margaret's C of E Primary46989%31%30.0
St Mark's C of E Primary30837%7%24.8
St Mark's C of E Primary35981%21%29.0
St Mark's RC Primary23987%40%30.1
St Martin's C of E Junior Infant and Nursery264100%22%30.5
St Mary's Catholic Primary20671%25%28.4
St Mary's Catholic Primary Marple Bridge24785%31%30.3
St Mary's C of E Aided Primary, Prestwich23579%31%29.9
St Mary's C of E Primary19479%21%27.2
St Mary's C of E Junior and Infant42686%11%29.3
St Mary's C of E Primary20161%4%26.0
St Mary's C of E Primary19980%24%28.7
St Mary's C of E Primary28191%46%32.0
St Mary's C of E Primary23883%24%29.4
St Mary's C of E Primary Moston22771%5%27.8
St Mary's RC Primary267100%35%30.6
St Mary's RC Primary23297%30%30.4
St Mary's RC Primary23693%41%30.9
St Mary's RC Primary45890%24%29.8
St Mary's RC Primary Manchester36679%21%28.3
St Mary's RC Primary Stockport12750%20%27.3
St Mary's RC Primary, Middleton34095%32%29.6
St Mary's RC Primary, Radcliffe45672%10%27.3
St Matthew's C of E PrimaryNEW
St Matthew's C of E Primary067%33%28.3
St Matthew's C of E Primary42286%21%29.0
St Matthew's C of E Primary21565%18%26.5
St Matthew's C of E Primary, Little Lever20887%23%29.7
St Michael's C of E Primary, Alkrington20980%27%29.9
St Michael's C of E (Aided) Primary24984%41%29.6
St Michael's RC Primary, Whitefield24873%23%27.7
St Monica's RC Primary33883%29%29.2
St Patrick's RC Primary and Nursery23368%7%27.3
St Patrick's RC Primary22871%18%28.6
St Paul's Catholic Primary11890%30%29.6
St Paul's Catholic Primary23161%10%27.1
St Paul's C of E Primary Brinnington27079%11%27.5
St Paul's C of E Primary23366%14%27.1
St Paul's C of E Primary20479%13%28.1
St Paul's C of E Primary35191%30%30.4
St Paul's C of E Primary23270%10%27.5
St Paul's C of E Primary19370%19%27.8
St Paul's C of E Primary23363%13%27.2
St Paul's C of E Primary, Stalybridge28671%18%28.0
St Peter's Catholic Primary23290%48%31.8
St Peter's Catholic Primary24380%0%27.7
St Peter's Catholic Primary214100%45%32.1
St Peter's C of E Primary26682%12%27.9
St Peter's C of E Primary23688%27%29.1
St Peter's C of E Primary23977%35%29.2
St Peter's C of E Primary26470%20%29.0
St Peter's RC Primary, Rochdale20489%29%29.0
St Philip's Catholic Primary18044%6%26.0
St Philip's C of E Primary22574%17%29.0
St Philip's C of E Primary14167%8%25.4
St Philip's RC Primary38396%53%31.9
St Raphael's Catholic Primary20696%29%30.3
St Richard's RC Primary42791%47%31.2
St Saviour C of E Primary, Ringley17595%70%33.6
St Sebastian's RC Primary20855%0%25.0
St Simon's Catholic Primary20191%35%29.8
St Stephen's C of E Primary21283%23%28.8
St Stephen's C of E Primary20682%4%28.0
St Stephen's RC Primary42769%16%28.2
St Teresa's RC Primary25983%23%29.4
St Teresa's RC Primary23178%22%29.0
St Teresa's RC Primary14377%23%28.2
St Thomas C of E Primary44362%13%26.4
St Thomas More RC Primary, Middleton, Rochdale33460%13%28.6
St Thomas of Canterbury Primary38291%16%29.1
St Thomas' C of E Primary Heaton Chapel27690%17%30.4
St Thomas' C of E Primary Stockport17356%22%27.9
St Thomas' Leesfield C of E Primary20787%27%29.8
St Vincent's Catholic Primary62889%36%30.9
St Wilfrid's C of E Aided Primary Northenden33374%3%27.4
St Wilfrid's C of E Junior and Infant24168%12%27.5
St Wilfrid's RC Primary21992%8%29.5
St Willibrord's RC Primary25293%13%29.3
St Winifred's RC Primary, Stockport40290%38%30.8
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary, Reddish54676%25%29.1
St. Theresa's17082%18%29.1
Stalyhill Junior23588%35%30.6
Stamford Park Junior27690%55%31.6
Stanley Road Primary45577%17%27.7
Styal Primary10380%30%28.8
Summerville Primary23465%17%28.2
Sunny Bank Primary21081%13%28.6
Temple Primary62777%20%28.6
The Birches1290%0%12.5
The Cathedral of St Peter and St John RC Primary20088%35%28.7
The Deans Primary23893%24%29.9
The Divine Mercy RC Primary45691%13%28.2
The Friars Primary24068%12%26.0
The Heys Primary25354%4%25.4
The Kingfisher Community Special1400%0%12.1
The Willows Primary44368%13%26.8
Thomas Ashton460%0%22.1
Thorn Grove Primary23676%24%27.7
Thorp Primary23593%31%30.2
Tithe Barn Primary21390%31%30.1
Torkington Primary24596%9%29.4
Tyntesfield Primary427100%52%32.4
Unsworth Primary22287%19%29.3
Urmston Junior27688%37%30.6
Vale View Primary53367%13%27.1
Varna Community Primary37680%20%28.3
Vernon Park Primary27176%24%28.0
Vernon Primary32983%28%29.3
Victoria Park Junior23588%33%31.2
Wardley C of E Primary22086%29%28.9
Warren Wood Primary30584%39%29.9
Waterloo Primary41367%19%27.9
Watersheddings Primary24179%21%28.3
Webster Primary34477%23%28.7
Well Green Primary23693%67%33.0
Wellfield Junior22897%44%31.9
Werneth Primary54171%13%27.2
Wesley Methodist Primary25088%12%28.8
Westmorland Primary47162%6%27.4
Westwood Park Community Primary30762%8%26.7
Westwood Primary23567%0%27.0
Whitefield Community Primary17963%25%26.1
Whitegate End Primary and Nursery25390%33%29.8
Whitehill Primary21254%4%25.0
Wilbraham Primary59278%8%28.4
Wild Bank Community14757%0%27.4
William Hulme's Grammar101092%27%30.2
Willow Tree Primary47367%21%27.9
Willows Primary24983%30%31.2
Wilmslow Grange Community Primary and Nursery26693%30%30.6
Woodheys Primary45188%44%31.3
Woodhouse Primary24593%27%30.1
Woodhouses Voluntary Primary13682%12%28.1
Woodland Community Primary44973%11%27.8
Woodley Primary44567%19%27.2
Worth Primary21397%43%31.0
Worthington Primary31292%38%31.4
Yesoiday Hatorah79975%13%28.2
Yew Tree Community Primary and Acorn Nursery51575%8%27.2
Yew Tree Community49181%25%29.3


  • Pupils: pupils eligibile for Key Stage 2 assessment - this number includes pupils absent or unable to access the tests
  • Level 4: percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. Most 11 year olds are expected to achieve at least Level 4 by the end of KS2
  • Level 5: percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths - this is above the expected level for most pupils

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14

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