A prime-time TV show featuring the story of the brutal murder of Lancashire nurse Jane Clough has seen thousands sign a petition in her name.

ITV show Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son, broadcast at 9pm on Friday, boosted the campaign by 2,000 signatures.

On the show, her parents John and Penny Clough spoke about her death and how they have adjusted to life without the 26-year-old.

The show also spoke to police who worked on the case and a behavioural analyst to try and explain why Jane’s ex Jonathan Vass killed her while on bail.

The Justice for Jane petition has now been signed by over 5,500 people, a boost of more than 2,000 since the show.

Penny said the prime-time 9pm slot had been a big boost in highlighting their frustration and anger about the case.

She said: “It is a very emotive programme and made us cry within minutes.

"It shows the pain behind what’s happened not just to us, but to her friends.”

Supporter Jo Wood said: “What touched me most and what brought everything into stark reality were the women who contacted us to tell us they were in similar situations and needed help.

"Such a response to a 60-minute documentary demonstrates the passion for change and also points out the laws that are no longer fit for purpose.”