Walking through the Hex in the Harvest was like stepping onto the set of the cult horror film, Children of the Corn.

But lurking in the midst of this giant crop was an eerie band of talented actors who terrified the living daylights out of me and the rest of the half-a-dozen or so unsuspecting guests on the same journey.

Sludging through the rough pathway cut through the four or five foot of maize at Hawkshaw Farm Park, Clayton-le-Moors, you knew you were in for scare — but not knowing when and how was the real creeper!

Needless to say the writers and production crew were out to play on people’s common fears.

And sounds of screams in the distance, a rattling chainsaw and actors in camouflage who pounced without warning put the fear of God in most of us.

Once one screamed the whole ‘chain gang’ creaked and the stranger staggering through in front became your new best friend.

Actors performed ghost stories and told eerie tales of what lurked ahead with each scene being more spooky than the last.

The Donnie Darko-esque character who calmly got us all seated from his Punch and Judy-type booth before jumping from the box like some crazy person freaked a lot of us out.

But coming face-to-face with the giant clown with over-sized hands and that stupid grin was enough to knock me over and I probably flattened half the maize in the process!

I don’t even have a clown-phobia but having to pass this big fella in the dark was terrifying!

Overall Hex in the Harvest is a great show and something a bit different, especially at this time of year.

On the downside the show keeps going in all weathers, so be prepared to get wet if it pours, and the mud round the harvest is very slippy so watch out!

The show runs until Sunday, November 2.