A TALENTED group of performers have been wowing audiences at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival and have been nominated for a top award.

Following the overriding success of St Mary’s College’s debut appearance at the festival last year the youth group are gaining notoriety as one of the best shows with their breath-taking new performance.

Force Quit is taking centre stage in the Bongo Club with 11 shows until August 16.

And the youth group were today nominated for the Edinburgh Fringe First awards.

The group of 12 performers have been rehearsing the piece of physical theatre over the academic year.

The show itself explores how memories are formed.

Andrew Williams, artistic director of St Mary’s College Up Youth Theatre, said: “It has just been brilliant, we have been getting audiences over 70 per cent which is classed as a sell-out.

“We got a four-star review in the Scotsman newspaper.

"This has been the hardest work I have ever done in my life.”

Force Quit will be performed at St Mary’s College, Blackburn, on September 14 and 15.