IT’S official — women are the grumpier sex. Just ask East Lancashire’s own Grumpy Old Woman, Wendi Peters.

Despite starting life happier than men, women end up more cantankerous than their male friends and colleagues,new research shows.

And according to the 41-year-old Lancashire actress — best known for playing Coronation Street’s Cilla Battersby-Brown — it’s when females hit their forties that the real whinging starts.

A recent survey showed almost half of the women quetsioned had started an argument at work in the month of October.

The stress of the recession is being blamed for an increase in female mood swings and, unfortunately for men, PMT is getting worse too.

So what is it that makes today’s mature ladies so grumpy?

The answers include body image, domestic goddesses, the youth of today, multi-tasking – and, yes, grumpy old men.

Grumpy Old Women 2, a comedy show that pulls together all the annoyances of daily life according to women, is coming to Blackburn this weekend.

Wendi is one third of the grumpy gang and she admits to loving nothing more than a good old moan.

“This is my second grumpy role. Cilla loved a good winge too,” said Wendi, who lives in London these days.

“I hope people don’t think I just complain all the time. I’m sure my husband and daughter find that very funny, though!”

The stage production, a sequel to last year’s hit show of the same name, also stars original grump Jenny Eclair and ex Corrie actress Susie Blake and is coming to King George’s Hall on Saturday as part of a national tour.

A group of Wendi’s family and friends will be in the audience joining in the giggles and groans, including her mum and sister.

“Grumpy Old Women 2 still has the trademark grumbles from the original but this time with a new ‘chin up ‘ attitude to cheer up the credit crunch nation,” explained Wendi.

“We’re saying move over Gordon Brown, we’ve got our own ‘Don’t Be So Silly’ political party where we have a good rant about some of the silly rules in the world.

“For example the other day in the train station I had to pay 30p to go for a wee, which is most annoying anyway, but when I’d paid my money and got in the cubicle I found there to be no loo roll.

"Oh it did wind me up,” she exclaimed in her best grumpy old woman voice.

“I went straight to the toilet attendant and I said ‘excuse me I don’t expect this when I have to pay’ and I realised I’m a grumpy old woman. I’m over 40 so I qualify apparently,” she laughed.

“Another thing that makes me really grumpy is bad drivers. I never faff around.

"If I want to get from A to B I get on with it and anyone that doesn’t do the same really gets on my nerves.”

On entering adulthood, women are on average more satisfied with their lives than their male peers.

But, as time passes, experts say they become less satisfied and find daily problems annoy them more than they do the opposite sex.

Psychologist Linda Abbott, of Mind Solutions, Blackburn said: “Women moan more by nature because they express their feelings more.

"And the older we get, the more responsibility we take on and in turn we have more to moan about.

"But, having said that, it’s helpful to offload your negative feelings, even if it’s just muttering away to yourself. So moaning is, in fact, very good for you.”

Wendi added: “The show is great fun, its not just all complaining.

"While doing this tour I’ve seen people laugh so much they cry.”

* Grumpy Old Women Live 2 - Chin Up Britain is at King Georges Hall, Blackburn on Saturday, November 7.