AUDIENCE members at Sally Morgan's live show could be mistaken for thinking they'd stumbled onto the set of some new game show.

Instead of merely watching and waiting in the vain hope they will be one of the lucky ones to get a message from the other side, they’re positively encouraged to request one.

“There's four ways people can get a message,” said Sally, matter of factly.

“I get messages coming through on an ad hoc basis, and I'll be passing these on through the night, but the audience can also leave me little notes. We hand out little yellow cards. They can ask anything from ‘Is Uncle Fred happy in the spirit world?’ to ‘Give me the lottery numbers’.

“They can also have their photograph taken and these will come up on the big screen and I'll say whatever comes into my head when I see the picture. Sometimes that's so accurate it’s hilarious.

“And they can leave a message on my psychic cam. It’s an interactive show.”

Sally has always aimed to be on the cutting edge of mediumship. She tapped into the public’s obsession with celebrities, and has read for stars including George Michael, Uma Thurman and Robert DeNiro.

She has given readings over the internet, and even read for animals in her TV show.

“I have shown my ability in all different ways,” said Sally.

“The TV show was ground-breaking in the psychic genre. But if you’d have told me I'd be reading for animals before that I’d have laughed you out of the room.”

Sally's reputation for being the stars’ psychic is simply because news of her gift spreads by word of mouth, she reckons.

“Pop stars tend to hang out with other pop stars, and that's why I see so many of them,” she said.

“If I see one person you can bet your life I'll see six of their friends or colleagues, because they’ll pass the message on, so really I could be known as the McDonalds psychic, or whatever.”

Thankfully, Sally never gets starstruck . . . well, almost never.

“I have Hollywood actors as clients but I don't feel starstruck when I see them,” she said.

“I don't mean that in an arrogant way. People are like onions — we all have layers that you can strip away and at our core we’re all the same. When I’m doing a reading for someone I go right to the core of them so it doesn’t matter if your’e a pop star, how much money you earn, or how popular you are, we’re all exactly the same underneath.

“Although, saying that, I did get starstruck once when I was filming in LA and Cher came into the place where we were having lunch and sat in a booth opposite me!”

Like all psychics Sally has her cynics, but they don’t bother her.

“We need sceptics because you can’t get answers without questions being asked,” she said.

“This type of work needs scrutinising, and every single night I say on stage that I will never live long enough to understand what I do. If I lived until I was 1,000 years old I never could. We’re never going to get answers to this, I’m 58 and I’ve been looking for answers for the last 40 years — all I know is that I’m accessing part of my brain that most people can't. I would love to find a scientific explanation for it."

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