The Rolling Stones are huge fans of Downton Abbey, according to one of the stars of the hit show.

Michael Fox, who plays footman Andrew Parker in the lavish costume drama – which has now been made into a film, said he has been thrilled by its famous following.

He told the PA news agency: “I’m not surprised that the show is successful, but I always slightly forget. I take it for granted.

“I know how popular it is but then you go ‘Oh wow, it really is, it really stretches far’.

Rolling Stones gig
The Rolling Stones apparently enjoy the show (Jane Barlow/PA)

“I read a Hillary Clinton autobiography and she said she binge watched it after the recent election and that is just really humbling, it’s like ‘wow’, someone who seems so significant to me, is watching the show that we do and it keeps on coming up and surprising me.”

His co-star Kevin Doyle, who plays Joseph Moseley, said: “Michelle Obama is a big fan. The Duchess of Cambridge is a big fan.”

Fox replied: “I hear Ben Elton is a big fan and I was quite pleased about that. Is Mick Jagger a fan?”

V & A Summer Party – London
Ben Elton (Ian West/PA)

Doyle responded: “Oh yes, yes. Michelle (Dockery) and Laura (Carmichael) met them at the Met Ball a few years ago and Mick Jagger let it be known that he was a big fan.

“After rehearsals with the band they used to go back and watch Downton Abbey.

“Keith and Mick in their onesies watching Downton Abbey.”

Fox continued: “If The Rolling Stones are watching then that is the best you can get.”

The actor also detailed how the show has changed his life, saying: “It is hard to quantify, I think, but practically for me, as an actor starting quite fresh out of drama school, on a day-to-day level it’s huge for me because I’m just watching Penelope (Wilton) and watching Maggie (Smith) and watching Jim (Carter) and you can’t buy that ticket to watch people like that work.”

Downton Abbey is released in UK cinemas on September 13.