Gemma Collins has said people are “exposing themselves far too much” on social media.

The reality TV star – who this week urged people to be body confident as she shared photos of herself as a teenager – said some of the things she had seen online “should be on an adult movie”.

Speaking on This Morning, she said: “Everyone is exposing themselves to the max.

“Some things I see on there, it should be on an adult movie.

“It’s school holidays, the children are watching. The Instagram – everything is filtered!”

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Spending the evening looking at old pics …. I never grew up body conscious it wasn’t a thing when I was younger I was just young free and me …. yeah I look good but In an innocent way there was no panic ….this pic was NOT taken to fit in with a wall page on make it Instagram worthy … instagram is way too exposed now for young members who are on here …. they do have pressure and it’s just so nice to look back on this picture and not have had any of that pressure growing up ✌🏻 I was just a happy teenager with no body hang ups or pressure…. I think it’s so important for our younger generation to be body confident and free ✌🏻also the way people expose themselves now days on the gram is way too much nothing is held back anymore everything on show nothing is left to the imagination it is way too much …. younger ones are watching x I just want to say to the younger ones on insta be YOU and don’t worry about what you see on insta be young be happy and free 💗

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She continued: “I’ve been guilty of it. I sat there in a panic one day and thought, ‘Ooh I don’t look like the others, I had better start filtering myself’ and then I thought, ‘This is wrong’.”

Collins’ comments came soon after she shared two pictures of herself on a boat as a “happy teenager with no body hang-ups or pressure”.

In the caption, she called on young people to be confident and not worry about their image on Instagram.

She said on This Morning: “The reason I’m so passionate about that picture is because it was just, let’s have a picture, it wasn’t, let’s take 10 for the ‘Gram, let’s edit…”

The star added that she was “passionate about keeping the ‘Gram real”.