Eddie Izzard has been spotted on the Llandudno Promenade shooting scenes for his upcoming movie.

Izzard is in Llandudno this week shooting scenes for Six Minutes to Midnight which he is set to star in alongside Dame Judi Dench and Jim Broadbent, who may also be in town for the movie this week.

Video and images by Allan George

Izzard’s production team have set up in West Shore, Llandudno, with a range of caravans and trailers in place next to the West Shore Beach Cafe.

The cafe revealed earlier this month the crew would be coming to Llandudno.

They took to Facebook and said: “Exciting news - yesterday we had a courtesy visit from Geraint who works for Eddie Izzard’s production team... they’re coming to town from 16th July for a week shooting scenes for his new film.

“They’ll be in various locations in Llandudno but the West Shore (just by the cafe) will be their base.

“The film stars Dame Judi Dench so hopefully they’ll both be in for a scone.”

As the filming camp has begun to take shape in the pat few days, the cafe took to social media again saying fans had begun to arrive from all over the world.

Six minutes to Midnight is directed by Downton Abbey’s Andy Goddard and written by Celyn Jones (Keepers), Izzard and Goddard.

Describing the movie, Mad as Birds, the production company for the movie, on its website said: “Izzard, who appeared alongside Dench in Victoria & Abdul, will play Thomas Miller, a literature and language teacher born to English and German parents who teaches members of the German League for Girls.

“As the Second World War looms, Miller is framed for murder and accused of being a German spy after he confronts the League’s charismatic leader, a staunch supporter of Adolf Hitler.

“Dench will portray Miss Rocholl, the stern school headmistress who comes to Miller’s aid after he goes on the run and attempts to exonerate himself.”

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