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Mary Holt

mary holt

MARY HOLT nee CORRIGAN 22 May 1939 - 12 March 2019 Mother, I dreamt we spoke the other night and this is what was said, "I love and miss you Mum, every second of the day and Mother this road is the hardest, I am always with you Michael, But, Mother there are no circles in life only the lines that we follow or times in which to lead? For me Mother there are no eternal ends, no new beginnings, no victories ever lasting, This much I know I am never letting go. Just always follow the light son, it's the light you kept throughout, until my last breath and thereafter. It's the light inside of you son, never lose sight of the light, It is the light that only you can see. I am never letting go Mother, Son it is the gift of the light which is the burden, it is the burden which is the gift". I love you mother, Love your son". The dream thus ended. Mum, when you were here, you brought so many of my dreams alive, if only I could have one more of you by my side. Love Michael x



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