One group bidding for fame on tonight's Britain's Got Talent get an extra member when David Walliams joins them on stage.

The comic teams up with the five-piece Show Bears for their own unique take on The Weather Girls' It's Raining Men after telling Simon Cowell the middle-aged group, in sequin-studded sailor suits and hats, could be "the new One Direction".

David warns them that: "I may be too camp, I may send it over the edge" but joins in anyway telling the audience: "I was in heaven."

The latest auditions also include performances from Faceteam, a basketball stunt group from Hungary, 16-year-old singer Hope Murphy and the Pipe Bandits - a five-piece group of bagpipe players in skintight body suits.

Also making an appearance are Strictly Wheels - a duo from Manchester made up of Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness - whose act sees able-bodied Gary dance with Paula who has been in a wheelchair for eight years.

They impressed the judges with Alesha Dixon telling them they were "beautiful to watch, inspiring, refreshing, unique".