A group of adventurous Manchester City fans' hopes of taking a trawler to the Faroe Islands to watch their team in the UEFA Cup tomorrow have been dashed.

The 12 supporters had chartered a 72ft (22m) converted fishing trawler to take them the 200 miles from Shetland.

But after an eight-hour drive from Manchester to Aberdeen and a 12-hour ferry trip, the last leg has been cancelled because of bad weather.

The Uefa Cup qualifier between City and EB/Streymur is being played tomorrow.

The trawler, The Three Sisters, had been converted for deep sea diving expeditions in the North Atlantic and was expected to complete the crossing in 24 to 26 hours.

But the fans' high spirits were broken on Wednesday morning when the skipper told them it was not safe to take the vessel out.

Fans' spokesman Leighton Gobbett said the weather was simply "too rough", with force 8 gales and waves of up to 16.4ft (5m) high.

"The skipper said it's just not possible to take the boat out unfortunately," said Mr Gobbett.

"There's absolutely no hope at all, it's going to be a 24 hour to 26 hour crossing and he (the skipper) said the earliest he could get the boat out would be first thing tomorrow morning.

"So unfortunately it looks like we're going to miss the game.

"We've actually said we want to go out in whatever conditions. We were all quite happy to hop on this morning and go for it but he said it really was too dangerous."

Mr Gobbett said the supporters would now make alternative arrangements to watch the match.

"Some of them are going to stay the night in the Shetlands, others are going to make the journey home on the overnight ferry back to Aberdeen and then drive back down to Manchester and catch the game in a pub."