TWO football fans have been banned from attending matches after being arrested at Ewood Park.

The Everton fans were given three-year bans despite having no previous convictions after a statement from Blackburn Rovers was read to the town’s magistrates.

After the case their solicitor revealed the supporters would be appealing.

The arrests followed incidents during the Rovers-Everton Carling Cup clash last week which Blackburn won one-nil.

Keiran Philip Richman, 19, of Jacobs Close, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly inside Ewood Park.

He was fined £65 with £75 costs and made subject to the banning order.

Mr Ainge said officers were trying to arrest another man and Richman, who had clearly been drinking, was trying to interfere with that arrest.

He was told to leave and as he was being guided away became abusive and was arrested.

Liz Parker, defending, said having said his peace Richman was going back to his seat when he was arrested.

“He has been a season ticket holder for 10 years and has never been in any trouble,” said Mrs Parker.

Craig Peter Webster, 19, of Hawarden Grove, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in Ewood Park.

He was fined £50 with £75 costs and made subject to the banning order.

Mr Ainge said when Rovers scored Webster was seen pointing and shouting at Rovers fans in an aggressive manner.

“An officer sent him back to his seat and gave him the benefit of the doubt,” said Mr Ainge.

“After the interval, when he was clearly drunk, he continued to leave his seat and shout a barrage of abuse at the opposing fans.

“There is no suggestion Blackburn Rovers fans were responding to him in anyway.

"He was obvious because he was the only Everton fan standing out of the hundreds who were there.”

In a statement read to the court stadium safety manager John Newsham said the chairman and directors of Blackburn Rovers want supporters to attend Ewood Park on a match day and enjoy a safe, family atmosphere.

“Their wish is that all supporters can be present at the game without the worry of any kind of trouble or disorder.

“It is clear that there is often a small number of individuals who attend that are intent on spoiling the pleasure of other fans.

“Blackburn Rovers fully supports Lancashire Constabulary in dealing with the individuals who are arrested at Ewood Park.

"The good reputation of the club is potentially at stake if those that are arrested are not dealt with robustly and, when necessary, are made subject to football banning orders.”