STEVE Bruce and Hull City are showing complete contempt for Rovers with their continued interest in Jordan Rhodes.

On Saturday, in a statement from director of communications Alan Myers, the club finally showed some balls and said no to their approaches.

So for Bruce to come out on the back of that is totally disrespectful.

Sadly, that is what the game has come to these days.

So often the truth is manipulated by certain individuals who twist the national press this way and that to say what they want them to say.

This causes unnecessary hysteria among supporters, even in the face of a clear statement to the contrary.

I was delighted on Saturday afternoon when I saw the statement from the Rovers boardroom.

To me, it shows Venky’s and the board understand the importance of hanging on to our best players if we are to succeed in the long-term.

If they want financial gains, they are only going to get those with the club playing in the Premier League, not the Championship, and we have a chance of getting there with Rhodes in the side.

Many still question our owners, their intentions and their methods, but to me they have shown a big improvement in the past two years.

It is my belief they were very badly advised in the early years of their reign.

Indeed, had they not been advised so poorly, perhaps they wouldn’t have bothered buying the club in the first place.

But recently the day-to-day running of the team and the club has been left to those who know what they are doing.

And a statement like that went a long way to reassure supporters concerned at losing a player without whom our promotion bid would be hugely weakened.

Rhodes himself did the only thing he could do, score the opening goal in Saturday’s win and put in another solid performance.

I don’t think there was anything in Bowyer’s decision to take him off as some people sat close to me in the Blackburn End were suggesting.

He has been subbed in other games this season purely for tactical reasons and, probably, to keep him injury-free.

As for Saturday, it was a slightly disappointing end to a game that at half-time looked to be a comfortable victory.

The stand-out performer for me was Markus Olsson who was rightly awarded man of the match.

He was solid at the back and excellent when pushing forward, showing all the traits of his brother in his prime.

It is reassuring to see such an assured performance from the Swede and it will be interesting to see if he can keep his place once Tommy Spurr returns from injury.