THE backbone of any side is your goalkeeper, your two central defenders, at least one midfielder and your main striker.

Looking at Rovers’ backbone you would say we are close to getting there.

Paul Robinson is a good, experienced number one and Grant Hanley and Matt Kilgallon have come on leaps and bounds as a partnership while up front we have Jordan Rhodes.

But the one area we still have to develop is in central midfield.

It’s not that we don’t have the players, it’s just that last season we didn’t have a proper partnership in there.

We are still waiting for one to develop and it’s important one does because it could take us to the next level.

Looking at the players we have got, it would be a toss of coin between Corry Evans and Jason Lowe to play alongside Tom Cairney.

Then we have to work out what system it’s going to be, whether it’s two holding or one attacking and one defending.

It’s important we get it right because your midfield is your engine room and if it’s stuttering then you won’t get the results.

So for me that’s the area we need to develop while all the time looking to add one or two more faces to the squad.

It’s always good to give your squad a little bit of a shake-up over the summer.

We didn’t do that enough after we won the Premiership in 1995 and it backfired on us.