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    Champagne plus charlie wrote:
    more bans than ray - brfc lxxv wrote:
    Champagne plus charlie wrote:
    more bans than ray - brfc lxxv wrote:
    Champagne plus charlie wrote:
    more bans than ray - brfc lxxv wrote:
    Champagne plus charlie wrote:
    So One assumes that all Blackburn fans now agree that Venkys are in fact your football saviours, cost-cutters, season ticket giver awayers and are generally saving your club from financial meltdown?

    SO WTF have you all been doing protesting against them for the best part of four years? Are you all retarded? Because without them you are well and truly shafted.

    Cue the Venkys In banners from the most deluded and fickle fans in football - maybe your owners will eventually be able to actually attend a match without being in fear of reprisals from you knuckle draggers?

    Just lol.
    What's up Charlie, worried we might get bigger gates than you? Imagine the shame.

    Just for the record no one see's Venkys as football saviours, it just appears that they are actually attempting to right some of the horrific wrongs they were guilty of - but in true dingle style you chose to manipulate it to suit your latest rubbish attempt at banter.....
    Meanwhile, dingles are having to re-mortgage their caravans to afford a season ticket. Just mega lol.
    So it's Venkys In then? Yes? No snowballs next time they visit and a standing ovation from the entire Ewood Park crowd? Of course it won't be, because you fools can't see beyond the end of your big neanderthal foreheads and realise that Blackburn with Venkys = survival and Blackburn - Venkys = financial oblivion.

    So I am sure we can expect a good majority of those 'Missing 15000' fans that you and your ilk have been informing everyone that were not attending Ewood as they were protesting about Venkys, to return to the fold next season?

    You lot are just hilarious, just because you got relegated from the Premier League (As do three clubs EVERY season by the way), you dolts took it as some kind of a personal insult and decided that someone had to be blamed so it was: Venkys, Shebby Singh, Steve Kean, Jerome Anderson, etc etc were ALL to blame. There is no reason to blame anyone, it is just footballing fate that once your Fat Jack money ran out and your couldn't artificially compete with the bigger clubs, you were bound to get relegated.
    Instead of dealing with it and getting behind your club you all decided to protest and embarrass yourselves by crying and turning every atmosphere at home and away games into a poisonous protest-fest of stupidness.

    You all know right that you aren't going up next season? You scraped up to a pezzy eighth place last season despite your best unbeaten run for eversomany years, but lets be honest you would have been bummed off any of the clubs that finished in the play-off positions.
    I would just brace yourselves for a plethora of free transfers (It looks like you are fighting with League Two Southend for one player - lol) and unwanted rejects as Mr Monotone Bowyer attempts to turn a the sows ear that is Blackburn into a silk purse that matches the acheivements of Burnley.
    Oh dear Charles, oh very dear.

    I haven't really got the time or interest to pick through that horrific attempt at banter other than to say we've been relegated before and don't seem to remember any Brian Kidd out banners. Words such as achievements & jealous in the context of Rovers and Burnley go hand in hand - we've achieved what you never will (and don't compare Div 1 half a century ago to the Premier League era) and the word jealous should be incorporated into your town crest - and yet here you are using those very words because you think one good season erases history. IT'S HILARIOUS!
    Every single one of you are world class bull sh*tters - the myths, lies, hypocrisy, contradiction just oozes from you without even realising it - just mega fookin lol. MEGA FOOKIN LOL!
    No of course you didn't protest when you got relegated under Kidd, wasn't JW still alive and therefore able to bankroll you to promotion again?

    And for some reason you don't want Burnley to compare winning the top division half a century ago with Blackburn winning it almost a quarter of a century ago, because apparently they are different??? PMSL alrighty then!

    Why on earth would I be jealous of your club, because you ONCE were in the top flight? I don't know if you have checked but we ARE NOW PREMIER LEAGUE, and therefore are superior to you in every way, shape or form - I mean after all you are just a mid-table 'Chumpionship' club are you not?

    Care to spell out the myths, lies, hypocrisy and contradiction in my posts?

    Thought not

    Mega Lolz
    Jack was still alive, so in Dingland he must obviously have bankrolled a promotion by spending billions on the likes of David Dunn, Damien Duff, Damien Johnson, Marlon Broomes, Martin Taylor - all of which cost the grand total of zero pounds.

    So Burnley, the self righteous, self proclaimed wonder club would not want one of their own, a true fan, who's made his fortune through a successful business in their home town invest his fortune into their club?

    Burnley fans would be quite happy for someone like Venkys to take over and systematically all but destroy their club? You wouldn't have protested? You'd have all just carried on with not a care in the world like you did with poor old Owen Coyle?

    What happened 5-10-15-20 years ago is ancient history. That 7-0 aggregate derby humiliation for example simply wiped from memory. And the 6 seasons 2 divisions lower than Rovers? - means nothing. And yet Burnleys last League Championship win half a century ago is as fresh in the mind as ever.

    So Charlie boy, you thought wrong didn't you. LOL LOL fookin LOL.
    You & your tobacco chewin' cousins need to get together and get some decent banter material. Suppose it's difficult when you've not much to work with. Still well done on the Dyche thing, he's top drawer and FAR to good for a club like that. He won't be there long - you must know that?

    Hope you get all the luck you deserve.
    Ha ha ha your selective facts are quite funny as is your desperate attempt to avoid the issue - here's another little snapshot of your promotion team of 2001 seeing as you only managed to mention the players that didn't cost anything:

    McAteer - £4 million
    Short £1.7 million
    Flitcroft - £3.5 million
    Hignett - £2.2 million
    Blake - £4.25 million
    Jansen - £4.1 million
    Bent - £2 million
    Gillespie - £2.3 million

    So the EIGHT players above cost a total of £24 MILLION pounds, and bear in mind this was 13 YEARS AGO, but no of course Jack Walker didn't bankroll you in the Championship.

    Game set and match I think.

    It is like shooting fish in a barrel.
    Purchases of the back of profits made from the sale of players and TV money. It's called good business - Initial outlay versus return.

    Shearer for bought £3mill sold for £15mill
    Sutton bought for £5mill sold for £10mill
    Le Saux £500K sold back to Chelsea for £5mill...

    That trend continued with profits made from Duff, Bentley & Jones all around the £17million mark.

    Jack had already spent the vast majority of his investment and wanted the club to be well run and self sufficient - which it was until Venkys arrived, but that wouldn't have mattered in Burnley because you'd never dream of protesting or venting your frustrations at such owners! ANOTHER MEGA LOL

    Which brings me onto the issue of choosing to avoid the Lies, Hypocrisy and Contradiction? No answers???? Thought not.

    It's like candy from a baby but easier...

    By the way, check this tatt' out. See the date? The shame of it. We own you. Always have, always will XXX

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Rovers offer fans a 'golden' ticket

Rovers offer fans a 'golden' ticket

Rovers offer fans a 'golden' ticket

First published in Sport This Is Lancashire: Photograph of the Author by , Sports reporter

BLACKBURN Rovers are to give away 20 ‘golden season tickets’ to celebrate the anniversary of their Premier League title triumph – and they have also announced only modest price rises for the new campaign.

The 2014/15 season will be the 20th anniversary of Rovers’ title-winning campaign in 1994/95 and Rovers are marking the milestone by handing out 20 free season tickets. More details will be unveiled by the club today.

Season tickets go on sale today and Rovers are again offering one of the cheapest season ticket deals in the country, as well as retaining the ‘Premier League pledge’ – meaning that fans will get 75 per cent off season tickets for 2015/16 if the club go up.

The cheapest adult season ticket at Ewood Park next term will cost £249, with under 17s prices frozen at £60.

Rovers boss Gary Bowyer said: “We have tried to build a young, energetic team, playing for each other, committed to the cause – one that fans can identify with.

“I hope they will join us for the forthcoming season and support us in getting this club back where it belongs – the Premier League.”

Season tickets in the Riverside Stand, Blackburn End and Darwen End cost £225 for adults a year ago.

For 2014/15 Riverside Stand season tickets are priced at £249, with Blackburn End and Darwen End tickets priced at £279.

Tickets in the Jack Walker Stand wings have increased from £340 to £379, while seats in the centre of the Jack Walker Stand are up to £429 from £399.

Rovers say the prices are the second cheapest in the Championship behind Blackpool.

Tickets for 17 to 21-year-olds and senior citizens will cost £159 in the Riverside Stand, £179 in the Blackburn End and Darwen End, £199 in the Jack Walker wings and £309 in the Jack Walker centre.

Under 17s tickets cost £60 in all areas of the ground apart from the centre of the Jack Walker Stand, where they are priced at £99.

Under eights can get a free season ticket in the Blackburn End Family Stand when an adult or senior citizen season ticket is also purchased.

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