IT’S a tough decision for West Ham to make over Sam Allardyce’s future.

There’s no doubt Rovers made a big mistake by firing him when they did.

I think they made the decision too hastily. It was when Venky’s first arrived and they were talking about signing this player and that player and qualifying for the Champions League.

To sack him and replace him with Steve Kean was wrong.

They should have waited until the end of that season and assessed it, and then thought about who else they could bring in as manager if they did want to make a change.

Sam always divides opinion with fans. He did that even when he was at Blackburn. You either love him or hate him, and at the moment a lot of the West Ham fans probably hate him.

If it was Crystal Palace, Stoke or Fulham they would probably be happy with staying in the Premier League, but West Ham fans are not happy to do just that. They want to play with style and push on.

If I was a West Ham would I be happy with Sam at the moment? I don’t know. But what he does do is he keeps teams in the Premier League.

If you get rid of him you never know what can happen.

West Ham are moving into a new stadium and financially they can’t afford to be moving into that stadium and not be in the Premier League, so it really is a tough decision for them.

Thankfully after the problems Rovers had after Sam left, they now have a manager who is doing a really good job in Gary Bowyer.

He must have reduced the wage bill a lot already and to do that and still improve results, he has done really well.

He has gone over to India to find out his budget from Venky’s, but I don’t think they need to add a lot this summer.

I don’t think he will have a lot of money to spend but I’m quite happy with the squad already.

That’s a great position to be in at this stage. The only thing is possibly Gary might want to just add a little bit more experience to it, particularly now Dunny is getting older.

Sometimes you just need that one player to guide a young squad.

I was stunned to hear this week that Franco Di Santo (pictured) has been named in Argentina’s provisional squad for the World Cup. When he was on loan at Ewood he didn’t look like a player who would get into Blackburn Rovers’ team, never mind Argentina’s team!

I fancied Argentina to win the World Cup this summer, but now I’m not so sure!