IT’S great to see Jordan Rhodes bringing 50 league goals up for Blackburn but, for me, we are still too reliant on him.

You need your central midfielders chipping in with at least half a dozen goals each – which we don’t have – and your wide midfielders doing the same.

It’s massively important you have goals coming from different areas. It doesn’t matter what division you are in, if you don’t have that variety you will never be truly successful.

I know it’s a different generation and a different team but we had Alan Shearer getting 30 goals a season, the second striker – whether that was Chris Sutton, Mike Newell or myself – getting double figures, Tim Sherwood chipping in with five or six goals and our wide players Jason Wilcox and Stuart Ripley getting half a dozen each as well.

When you do have goals coming from different areas it provides a real threat to the opposition.

I still feel that if the opposition think they can stop Jordan, they will go a long way to stopping Rovers.

Ipswich could not do that on Saturday. Before Jordan’s goal I was saying to my mate that we needed to move their back four about because they hadn’t moved all game.

The first time we did that, Rudy Gestede split them and Jordan got in between them and scored.

It’s just a shame that it took us that long to work it out.

Yes it was more direct but Ipswich couldn’t handle it. Rudy got the second and on the back of that got man of the match.

While it wasn’t the most watchable of games, at the end of the day it was the three points and that’s all that matters.