Who should be Blackburn Rovers’ right back in both the short and long term and why?

ADAM Henley broke into the team with such promise. However I don't feel he has the confidence or self-belief at this point and that is a huge obstacle to his development.

Contrastingly Todd Kane has the confidence but lacks the awareness at times, especially defensively.

In the long term, Blackburn desperately need a replacement for next season and I’d look at Bournemouth’s Adam Smith.

In the short term, I’d alternate between Michael Keane and Jason Lowe as Keane would provide defensive strength and extra aerial ability for set-pieces and Lowe would provide more dependability.


DRAWING from the shallow pool we actually possess it can seem much of a muchness.

Adam Henley once again required the Boy Scouts after being tied in knots on Saturday and his initial error led to the Leicester goal.

However Todd Kane continually fails to seize his chance, seeming sloppy and unaware of positioning.

I liked Jason Lowe as a Premier League right back and certainly the ball moved quicker through midfield on Saturday without him, with no worsening in defensive cover, so I plump for Lowe.


Quite frankly we need to sign a tried and tested right back who is experienced at Championship level.

Neither Adam Henley nor Todd Kane have played consistently well and have been exposed far too often and far too easily.

Jason Lowe can fill in but it’s not his natural position and is no solution.

If Grant Hanley is fit then experimenting with Michael Keane is worth a try in the short term.

I would contend that the weakness in this position has cost us points and games so the real solution is a new recruit.