LEICESTER, for me, are the best side in the league. But they weren’t that much better than Rovers at the weekend.

What they did better than us though was do everything quicker – be it their movement, their passing or their counter-attacking.

We operate at a slower pace and that ultimately allows an opposition to come back into games.

We seem to be cautious and prepare teams with the attitude that if we start the game with a point and we finish the game with a point, it’s good, but if we can win it and get the three points, then it’s brilliant.

I sometimes feel when you tie players down, and hold the reigns back, you don’t get the best from them.

Look at our full backs.

They are not bombing on as much as they were at the start of the season and their confidence seems to have gone since they’ve stopped being allowed to attack.

It’s that air of caution that can sometimes hinder a player and I just feel the full backs are the ones at the moment who are getting punished.

We do ask a lot of full backs, we want them to cross the ball, get into the box and defend as well, and that’s when you need other players to help you out, namely the two holding midfielders and the two centre backs.

We simply need to win games now to stay in with a chance of getting a play-off place.

For me Millwall away on Saturday and Brighton at home next Tuesday are very winnable and they could be the games that get us close to the top six.

But if we drop any points from those games I think it will be a very tall order for us to get in the play-offs because we have some very tough matches against some top sides in April.