I USED to look forward to playing against the best, teams like Manchester United and Arsenal, as those teams gave me the chance to test myself and analyse my own game.

The Blackburn Rovers players also have the chance to do that on Saturday when they take on Leicester at Ewood.

As make no mistake, Leicester are the best side in the Championship so far this season.

They have been very consistent and for all the world they look like they are getting promoted, so it will be very, very difficult for us.

But the players should really look forward to the match and think, ‘if I can go out and perform against a side like Leicester, I can hold my own against anybody in this league’.

I’m sure they can but will it be enough to bring victory?

I’d like to say yes and be confident but, as I say, it is going to be very tough.

I think you would take a 0-0 or a 1-1 but Rovers do have it in them to beat Leicester – it just depends on which Rovers turns up.

With Huddersfield, Burnley and Bournemouth we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly over this past week.

It was important to return to winning ways against Huddersfield and the big difference for me was that we took our chances.

If you don’t take your chances, like we didn’t against Burnley, you don’t win games and ultimately you go backwards in terms of your consistency, which we have done lately.

But we certainly took our chances on Saturday and you could see why Jordan Rhodes said afterwards Craig Conway was key.

He’s only been at the club a short little while but Craig is already showing just how important he is.

He’s a typical Scottish winger, in that even if he’s not having the best game, he will always work hard.

He worked hard on Saturday as well as having an end product, both in terms of crossing the ball into the box as well as scoring.

If Craig and Jordan can play as well against Leicester as they did against Huddersfield, we’ll have a chance of springing a surprise against a side who look destined for promotion.

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