I THINK the pressure is more on Burnley than Blackburn Rovers on Sunday.

At the moment looking at the league, they probably need the points more than us because they’re going for automatic promotion.

Burnley probably go into the game this time as slight favourites.

They have done really well this season, even I have to say that.

But if they don’t go up this season you could see them having a problem hanging on to their manager Sean Dyche, because he has done a great job on a restricted budget.

If they didn’t go up and he got an offer from the Premier League, you could see him saying he’d like to go.

So they need to go up this year and that puts pressure on them in this game.

I’m not sure yet if they will go up. They have been lucky with injuries this season, they’ve been able to play pretty much the same side all season and the two strikers have stayed fit.

It would be great for Rovers fans at the end of the season if they could say that they beat Burnley and those three points cost Burnley promotion.

Maybe in some other games I would take a draw but not against Burnley, I want us to win this one.

We have to go out there to win.

As an ex-Blackburn player and fan, we don’t want Burnley to be playing in a league above us next season.

But the form book goes out of the window in games like this. Results this season will count for absolutely nothing on Sunday.

If David Dunn is fit I would start him on Sunday.

I think he needs to play in a game like this. He is pretty much the last one who understands really what this game is all about, and he will be the player Burnley would least want to see in the Rovers starting line-up.

I’m sure he will be knocking no Gary Bowyer’s door and saying that he wants to play.

Hopefully Jordan Rhodes will end his run without a goal, too.

He will start scoring again soon and hopefully it’s on Sunday.

It’s good to hear that he might be getting a new contract.

It’s important to keep your best players, and he is so important for Rovers.