THERE is always a danger when a manager leaves that the players at the club will have a bit of a bounce.

That could be the case with Blackpool when they come to Blackburn on Saturday.

But I fully believe Blackburn should be winning all their home games and, you have to remember, Blackpool are a wounded animal.

They are still healing after the defeats they have had and the sacking of Paul Ince.

So the best of way of putting them under pressure and seeing what they are made of is by taking the game to them.

But I am sure Blackpool’s players will be fired-up by Barry Ferguson.

When a manager gets a sack, like has happened at Blackpool, a club often turns to a coach or an experienced player to take over the reins for a certain period of time – and Barry was there to do that.

The players responded well to him in his first game in charge but it will be interesting to see what happens in a few games time.

But Barry has come across very well in his interviews and he seems to be taking it all in his stride.

I played with him for Scotland and at the time it was hard to say he would definitely go into management.

I grew up with his big brother Derek who did go into management, so in that respect there was always a chance that Barry would do too.

And you would have to say he has the leadership qualities to do it as he was the captain at Rangers, at Blackburn and for Scotland.

He’s started taking his licences now so it looks like, if not now, he will become a coach or a manager.

But even though he’s not been announced as Blackpool’s new manager I still think the players will continue to respond to him as they will be out to impress.